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Power of Content Marketing for NPOs

In 1977 one church in London put a piece of paper on its doors, saying there was a book of prayers for sale. This 3x5-inch piece of paper was the first printed ad.

Now there are flyers, posters, ads in newspapers, city maps, pointing out interesting locations and events, and much more. Marketing came out with a simple idea: “If you want to promote something then you need to tell about it loudly”.

It’s been 6 centuries ever since and now the CTAs like “buy”, “click” or “join” aren’t followed with the same reaction as before. Nonprofits started using marketing for socially important reasons. People got confused and got used to the “advertising things”. The marketing community understands that promotion should become more delicate. That's how the content-marketing appeared.

Why are traditional promo methods less efficient for NPOs?

People are surrounded by advertisements wherever they go: on the street, in shopping malls, in Mass & Social Media, on websites, in gaming apps, – absolutely everywhere. They are used to seeing ads so much that simply do not notice them. Direct advertising is not as magical anymore as it was, let’s say, 10 years ago. Nonprofits have tighter budgets so getting lost is not the best option for their ads. They need more cost-efficient solutions.

What is the objective of content marketing?

Content Marketing is all about utility, usefulness, trust, and long-lasting relationships with your audience. No pressure – only careful and pleasant communication. When you complete the nonprofit development strategy you are unlikely to set objectives that won’t be reached easier with the help of content marketing!

Any proof of the above-mentioned information?

Easily! What about 3 real stories?

  1. In 1900 one tire producer started publishing a useful guide with tips for car travelers and locations of useful places (hotels, car service centers, parking lots, hotels). We are talking about Michelin Guide by the way.
  2. Another “not publisher” on the list promotes a nonprofit online resource with information that should “Deeply change the direction of human health”. It’s Johnson & Johnson. The business entity invests in nonprofit resource and concentrates on content marketing for its promotion for socially important reasons.
  3. Once a simple Brick Kicks magazine published in 1987 by Lego is now a series of magazines that include magazines, comic books, study books with educative articles, and other useful pieces of content.

How do NPOs benefit from content marketing?

Brand Awareness

which is crucial for nonprofits and can be reached through the publication and distribution of useful content. People will notice it and share it with no effort and with pleasure, attracting attention to your NPO.

A Loyal Audience

will be formed after people realize you are able to make things they need and support. Even an entertaining piece of content will be loved by your possible supporters – a person will remember you when a certain situation triggers them to think about your NPO-related issues.

Saved Budget

is not always as noticeable for business as for an NPO. You might spend some money on publishing your content with the necessary resources but content marketing is still much more affordable than more traditional activities. And we know that you will have where to redirect your saved budget!

Long-term Results

content marketing brings are better than the instant ones that people quickly forget when the ad stops appearing.

Better Search Engine Results Page Position

is reached with the help of a content marketing plan that includes regular publication of new content on your nonprofit website.

Use the power of content marketing for your NPO!

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