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How to Summarize an Article Without Plagiarizing

When people are working on a summary, a good number of them face plagiarism issues. It is a pattern that can be seen occasionally in high schools and colleges. There are several factors that contribute to this behavior. Someone might lack skills or be too lazy to work on the assignment properly.

In such cases, many successful students understand that summing up the source is a challenging task and turn to reputable platforms that offer plagiarism free essay writing, rewriting, summarizing, and a lot more. Experts will handle your assignment in a timely manner, and the text will be 100% unique. However, to succeed in college or university, you need to know the main features of writing articles and publications.

Steps to Help You Summarize an Article Without Plagiarizing

Plagiarism can be a huge challenge whether you are a student or a professional. Here are a few tips for summarizing an article without compromising its uniqueness.


Before writing the article, take your time and research and summarize the content. This is the most important part of preparing. Re-read the content until you finally understand what is being said. After getting the main message, note down the main points of the paper. You will use them as the center of reference. They will help you to develop your summary around them.


You can now start writing your own content. Use your voice as you transform your thoughts and ideas into words. You must convey the meaning in your own words to make your academic work look different from the article you read. While at it, ensure you don’t deviate from the main idea. The message should be expressed in different words. Avoid using the same sentences in your summary as the ones from the original article. To write without plagiarizing, employ different sentence structures. Moreover, use citations to include a line from another author’s academic work. Thanks to it you can avoid plagiarism in your paper.

Review the Content

After writing your piece, make sure to recheck before you submit it. The good news is that there are tools available online to help you ensure that everything you’ve written is unique and not copied from anywhere. That’s why utilizing a reliable check tool is crucial in validating your summarized content's uniqueness. If your essay is unique, the plagiarism checker for students will let you know. If it contains sentences or phrases copied from other websites, the software will detect plagiarism and highlight it for you. Premium versions can provide you with detailed information about your article. The software will let you know if some parts are flagged and show you what you need to change. In addition, many such programs help to identify stylistic and grammatical mistakes. It will help you come up with great content each time.

How to Make a Summary of an Article

Procrastination always leads to panic when the deadline is due, and you haven’t done anything. If this is about you, start practicing and improving your writing skills. There are techniques you can use to produce unique content. It is not as difficult as most people might think. You can utilize a few strategies to ensure an article is well-summarized and unique.

For those, who are ready to take on a challenge, we’ve prepared a few techniques that are commonly used to avoid plagiarism.


You can paraphrase the whole article and still remain relevant. As mentioned before, just make sure you don’t get lost and drive away from the main idea. In simple language, paraphrasing involves making changes to the original content. Everything else should remain the same. It includes the length of the article and the tone. When summing up a piece of content, be precise and go straight to the point. The work should be as concise as possible. This is why you wrote down the main ideas during the preparation stage. Focus on them as you develop your content. When writing a summary, use direct language. Avoid using too many unnecessary words.

Citations and Quotes

Sometimes, summarizing can be tiresome. Besides, there are sentences that you may find difficult to paraphrase. This is where you need to use quotes and citations. They will give you the advantage of writing particular words the same way they appear in the sources. Using quotes and citations will save you some valuable time. You won't need to paraphrase the entire article. It is also the best way to emphasize a specific point in the main text. By citing your sources, you will give credit to the original content writer. Without this, you will be accused of plagiarizing the article.


The most important thing is that your paper is 100% unique. It means it does not have any traces of the original text. If you are a student and find it difficult, use plagiarism checkers. Some are free and can save you a lot of time. Also, producing high-quality content without plagiarism will put you among the best students.

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