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What to know about Cottagecore Weddings in the Fall

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You're not alone if recent social media feed trends include prairie-style clothing, vintage-inspired home decor, and charming country scenes. The internet is being overtaken by this genre, which is fittingly called cottagecore. Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates a slower pace of life and was made popular by Gen Z. The cottagecore style, rooted in simplicity and nostalgia, is becoming a popular phrase thanks to TikTok trends.

Currently, one of the largest trends in the industry is cottagecore weddings. Especially for fall.

In a way, cottagecore is evolving into the "new bohemian" of weddings. Although it has a romantic and whimsical feel, it is considerably more understated than the colourful Coachella-inspired look that was originally associated with boho fashion. So, what goes into planning a cottagecore wedding? We have all the information you require to incorporate the most recent online sensation into your special day. You may find plenty of ideas for your wedding dress, venue, décor, and more in the sections below, along with information about the history of the cottagecore aesthetic.

Cottagecore Venues

Lean as much as you can toward nature for your wedding to get a strong cottagecore feel. If you can, hold the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception outside so that your guests may fully experience the weather.

Even if you are unable to reserve a picturesque rural farm or a wildflower field, you may still organise a cottagecore wedding. You can add cottagecore to any setting, from your backyard to a garden estate to an old castle, by adding extra components like lighting, décor, and floral arrangements. Even in a metropolitan area like the stunning event venues in Toronto and Mississauga, cottagecore aspects can be included into your wedding day through thoughtful accents and meticulous planning.

Cottagestyle Wedding Dress

A cottagecore wedding dress is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this style into your wedding. Western traditionalism is the foundation of cottagecore fashion.

Wedding attire in the cottagecore style is fanciful and ethereal. Consider details like tulle layers, loose sheer sleeves, floral lace patterns, smocked bodices, and airy, full skirts when searching for a dress that fits this aesthetic.

Wedding invitations, Cottagecore Style

Include the look in your invitation as well to create a cohesive cottagecore wedding theme. Your wedding stationery might follow the same guidelines as your cottagecore décor. To add depth to the pattern, use a base of two or three pastel colours and an accent of a deeper shade.

Since farm animals are a major component of the cottagecore aesthetic, consider incorporating them on your invitations. Work with a calligrapher to design a style that fits your taste or look for stamps with animals or greenery that match your overall wedding vibe. You can also consult an online invitation design site for pre-made templates that match your style.

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