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What Should You Do To Get Lean Before a Body Building Competition?

Preparing for a body-building competition is an overwhelming and complex process that require effort, strict regime, and discipline. Getting stage-ready means you have to showcase the physique in the best possible way, and most bodybuilders are trying to get lean so that everything they worked for pops at the right moment.

Cook and eat the right food

Consume high-quality food you prepare at home. You can check the ingredients more quickly if you prepare food yourself, and cutting costs is an additional benefit. Stay on a strict diet plan eating high levels of proteins like lean beef, turkey and chicken breast, steak, and salmon. Wholegrain brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potato can be part of the carbohydrate diet. All green and colored vegetables are acceptable; you can take fats from avocado, olive and fish oil, and walnuts.

Stay on supplements

Protein shakes are a quality source of much-needed proteins, dynamin, and L-carnitine. However, it would be best to use fat burners, as cutting down fat is essential to competition success. While training with creatine is acceptable, you should avoid it during competition preps because it stores water and can negatively affect muscle definition. can give you some guidelines and information.

Don’t cut the water

Old-school prepping style included reducing water drinking. The fear of looking bloated is unjustified if you drink water during preparation. You shouldn’t overdrink it before going on stage, but water has some crucial benefits during the weeks leading to the body-building show. Hydration is essential for your health, and you should compensate for what you lose by sweating. Water can help you with combating cravings. Most diets for the competition include calorie deficit, and water can help you fend off downfalls. Water actually helps nutrients reach your muscles, so avoiding it makes no sense if you want to be in perfect shape for the competition.

Don’t stay in a calorie deficit every day

While you have to plan calorie deficit during competition preparation, if you stay on the minus side each day, displaying the desired stage physique will be hard. Include one or two days for refeeding, and you will create a better metabolic reaction, maintain your form and preserve fat-free mass important for the judges.

Take care of your sleep routine and avoid stress

Prepping for rare competitions for weeks and avoiding stress might be impossible. However, staying stress-free as much as possible will be incredibly beneficial for your workout-diet plan. Similarly, sleeping well is essential for all athletes. The metabolic function can slow down with sleep deprivation, and your muscles won’t effectively recover from workouts. Without enough quality sleep, you will also have difficulty combating cravings. Therefore, maintaining quality sleep patterns is essential to an exercise and diet plan.

Workout and final touches

Throughout the prep period, you will have to work with maximum intensity but make variations to your workout to stay anabolic. Include steady cardio in your workout plan to keep on a fat-loss course and maintain lean muscles.

Practice your poses between reps, and include pose practices in front of an audience. The final touch is the tanning process to get dark enough for a competitive look.

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