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Helpful Tools Every Home Seller in Canada Needs

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Selling your home is not like selling anything else. You need to set yourself up for years of financial stability by leveraging your most valuable asset to the max. Any money you don’t make on the sale is money you won’t have later in retirement, for your children, or for several other purposes.

In a digital world, maximizing value requires using technology that didn’t exist in previous generations. Let’s check out a few helpful digital tools home sellers in Canada need.


Toronto’s own digital innovator Regan McGee invented the real estate tech platform Nobul to help homebuyers and sellers maximize value and enjoy an improved experience. The algorithm helps sellers understand their property’s real market value and connects them quickly and securely with the right agent for them.

Leveraging the combination of computer power and old-fashioned expertise lets sellers make the most of their homes without breaking a sweat. Nobul simplifies and disrupts an industry that hadn’t changed in decades, saving users money.

As McGee explained to Toronto Life magazine, “We’ve massively simplified the whole process…people think buying and selling real estate is complicated, but that’s a way for agents to justify their fees.” If you want a streamlined real estate experience that keeps more money in your pocket, use Nobul.


If you’re selling a home now, you may not get the return you would have got last year, depending on your local market. In many regions across Ontario and elsewhere in North America, home prices are dropping for the first time in years amid higher borrowing costs from the bank.

Nobody has the same financial situation or needs, and you’ll need to do what’s right for you. Selling your home bears on your life; the implications aren’t only economical in nature. Are you planning to downsize in the market where you’re selling your home? If so, the specific conditions may cancel themselves out — if prices are high, you’ll buy and sell high, and vice versa.

Talk to an experienced agent invested in your success and have patience. You’ll work it out.


Selling your home means making it look its best. The simplest way to do that is with a fresh coat of paint. You’ll need to post your home in a listing, which means ensuring you put its best foot forward.

This aspect of the sale is so important there are actually people whose job it is to stage homes. Sometimes, people develop a personal attachment to their property which makes them see it in a different way than the market does.

If your property isn’t a tear-down, and you think whoever buys it will want to move in with little to no renovations, ensure it’s newly painted so it looks clean and fresh.

If there was only one way to sell a home, everyone would do it. Between real estate platforms leveraging modern computing power, the right frame of mind, and the right tools to make your home look good, your home will sell if you remember all the above tips.

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