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Everything You Need To Know About RESPs: RESP 101 with Chris Cooksey and Ines Iraoui

Raymond James Canada has a great podcast entitled "The Advantaged Investor" and it's hosted by Chris Cooksey. The most recent episode features a topic that's near and dear to my heart: RESPs.

Financial Planner Ines Iraoui joins host Chris to for RESP 101. They answer the following frequently asked RESP questions:

  • What is an RESP?
  • Who can open and contribute to an RESP?
  • Who can be a beneficiary of an RESP?
  • Types of plans?
  • Amount per years or lifetime?
  • How long they last or can be accessed?
  • What are some of the grants available?
  • What kind of investments can an RESP hold?
  • What are the tax advantages of an RESP?
  • How do withdrawals work in an RESP?
  • Why would opening an RESP be recommended?

Get all the answers and more by listening to this informative episode of The Advantaged Investor.

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