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As Design Meets The Outdoors, Toronto Embraces A Gentle Shift To Nature

\Toronto has a long and valued history with nature. Indeed, as the Financial Times highlights, the city is one of the best in the world for residents looking for a connection to nature. While the green spaces of the city are fantastic, that same commitment to greenery has not always been seen in the home. No more. With the latest wave of interior design trends, the outside is being brought into the home, with renovations valuing green spaces as crucial in their designs. That starts with the inclusion in the home of that most venerated plant, trees.

Green simplicity

Bringing trees into the home is something achieved in one of three ways. The first is the most common measure - through having gardens and green spaces with trees, a sustainable and pleasant landscape can be created. The second is by bringing in small tree variants, whether yuccas or bonsais, as decor within the home. The final, and less common, is the use of full scale trees in the home - a tricky logistical task, but one that can lead to really standpoint pieces. The second has been embraced in some Toronto homes. Design mag Dezeen highlight one beachfront property near Lake Ontario which exemplifies the practice, using winding, woody tree types throughout the home, contrasting it with simple backgrounds and facades and creating what is, in the whole, a stunning natural view.

Focusing on the light

To help those natural elements thrive, light is needed. It has only become really apparent in recent years, according to The Globe and Mail, that light is absolutely essential in all homes. It improves wellbeing, helps to keep the home clean, and, crucially, allows for plant growth and care in the home. According to a report in the Globe and Mail, a key focus in interior design has been in adding light into the home in every possible corner. Rather than trying to satisfy a minimum number of windows, it’s been seen that minimizing any space that isn’t providing light can help to ensure the home benefits from natural wonder.

Letting nature win

For many years, it has been seen as good practice to combat weeds and plant growth. While this is true to an extent, and there are certain invasive species that need to be tackled in order to allow natural growth in the home, it’s also the case that nature should be allowed to run its course. Having a plentiful and biodiverse ‘biome’ in your home and green areas is part of an ongoing interior design trend in Toronto and further afield in which nature is prioritized, and the benefits of it highlighted through the creation of lush landscapes.Consider all of this next time you head for renovation or for the home purchasing market. Prioritizing nature and allowing it into the home has great benefits, both in terms of interior design and in the ability of the homeowner to truly appreciate their property.

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