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On This Day, A Pilgrimage to Foster Hewitt's Grave

50 years ago today, Foster Hewitt said the 5 biggest words in Canadian sports history. "Henderson has scored for Canada."

Hearing that iconic call in my head this morning, I knew where I'd be biking this afternoon. I was to take a pilgrimage to the grave of Foster Hewitt.

A little research told me what plot he was buried in at Mount Pleasant Cemetery so I hopped on my bike and headed northeast. About 23 KM later, I had arrived at the grave of Foster Hewitt.

Foster Hewitt's grave at Mount Pleasant Cemetery

As you'll see, it's pretty covered by foliage so I had to get in close to see Foster's name.

Foster W. Hewitt, 1902-1985

Here's a little video I took of my pilgrimage to Foster Hewitt's final resting place on the 50th anniversary of his most famous call.

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