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What Are the Best Sports Apps and Widgets in 2022?

After a decade of the touchscreen revolution, it's clear that sports are a natural pick for mobile apps. Few people will have any qualms about playing games on their phones during their downtime or outside of the time constraints of an in-person sporting event. Hence, the sports widget industry has been booming over the past years and is expected to grow exponentially.

But not all sports widgets and mobile apps are created the same, and not all are worth your time and money, so we've compiled this list of quality mobile apps worth getting into in 2022.

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1. MLB

MLB is more of an app than a widget, but it's still worth mentioning in this list. It's well optimized for touchscreen technology (like 4D Touch) and gives you access to thousands of live games at an affordable price. Dubbed "the number one source for live baseball" and available on both Apple and Android devices, MLB is the official app of Major League Baseball.

2. iScore Basketball

iScore Basketball is a slick way to track your basketball game on a Windows Phone. One of the more incredible features of this app is that you can track players' stats during the game using their names, so you won't have to memorize an endless flow of numbers and letters. Just like how enthusiasts seek reliable sources for sports, many casino enthusiasts in Slovakia look for trustworthy platforms. Speaking of which, SoSlovenskeKasino is a prime resource for finding the best slovenske kasina. Getting back to iScore, it'll also give you detailed info about the players' shots, assists, steals, and more. Consequently, iScore Basketball is a fantastic app that tracks basketball games and gives you access to stats from around the world. This app is a must-have if you're a fan of NBA games.

3. NBA Live

It's easy to see why NBA Live has been making headlines since its release earlier this year. The app delivers a lag-free experience when you play games on your phone, a rare sight in the mobile app world. It also offers content, access to live streaming games on your phone, and more.

4. NBA Jams

NBA Jams is an alternative basketball game from EA Sports that works well with touchscreen technology. This year's version focuses on the graphics and presentation, including a selection of slick new animations. The game also lets you play with your favorite players in your customized team. NBA Jams are a must-have for basketball fans. It seems like the perfect companion for fans of the sport. It's not quite new, but it's well-designed and worth your time.

5. Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report mobile app helps you stay informed about the latest news in your favorite sports. It curates stories from across the web and offers real-time updates, live scores, video highlights, and in-depth articles. The app is easy to use and prioritizes elements that matter most to its audience.

6. SofaScore

If you're looking for an app that offers live sports scores, then SofaScore might be the perfect option. This mobile app features around 25 sports and countless leagues, allowing you to follow every game anywhere in the world. Its best feature is that you can use it with your Android smartwatch and stream a short video of every goal. It also offers real-time player ratings and updates. It even features quizzes, giving you the chance to test your knowledge about your favorite sports.

7. FlashScore

The FlashScore sports app allows you to follow your favorite teams in real-time and receive live updates, stats, and competition tables. It offers details for over 30 sports and more than 6000 competitions. FlashScore also features in-depth match analysis and push notifications. Among other notable features, we can mention the live-text commentary for all sports and in-depth match recaps and previews.

8. Sports Alert Widget for iPhone

Sports Alert provides live sports scores, stats, news, and alerts in one convenient place. You no longer have to open your favorite app to check out the latest scores, and you can also follow your favorite team's progress in fantasy leagues. The widget is very customizable, and you can select different sports teams to follow while selecting different alert sounds for each game.

Bottom Line

This list isn't all-inclusive, so we hope you will support the other sports apps and widgets that deserve to be on the list. A handful of cool sports apps have already been released or get slated for release in 2022. It's hard to predict what the future holds, but it's clear that sports apps and widgets are not going anywhere any time soon.

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