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Now that August is upon us, it's time to get jazzed about TMLXX! Here's everything you wanted to know about TMLXX but were afraid to ask.

What is TMLXX?

TMLX stands for Toronto Mike'd Listener eXperience and it's an in-person assembly of FOTMs like you. FOTM, by the way, stands for Friend Of Toronto Mike. All guests and listeners of Toronto Mike'd are FOTMs. TMLXX has that extra X because it's the 10th such event and the Roman Numeral for 10 is X. Pretty clever, eh?

When and where is TMLXX?

September 1, 2022 from 6-9pm at Great Lakes Brewery at 30 Queen Elizabeth Blvd. That's a Thursday night. This is happening rain or shine and it's happening outdoors. We'll have tents in case of rain.

How much does it cost to attend TMLXX?

There are no tickets. If you're an FOTM, just make your way to GLB on September 1. There's no cost to enjoy this experience.

What happens during a TMLX event?

This is our 10th TMLX event, and each one is a little different. Sometimes we record an episode live, sometimes we enjoy live music and stand up comedy, sometimes we just check in with one another and chat.

There will not be an episode of Toronto Mike'd recorded at TMLXX, but instead it will be a combination of sweet jams from FOTM musicians you know and love, FOTM mingling and the enjoying of delicious craft beer and a complimentary meal from Palma Pasta. That's right, free food and your first beer is already paid for!

We'll also hold the inaurual #MindBlow competition. Bring a good mind blow and impress our judges: Stu Stone and Cam Gordon!

If you enjoy the vibe of Toronto Mike'd, I promise you'll enjoy the vibe of TMLXX.

This schedule is tentative:

6-6:30pm - eat Palma Pasta, drink GLB, chat, mingle

6:30pm - I open the festivities, then Rob Preuss on keyboards

7pm - the inaugural #MindBlow competition for all FOTMs in attendance - Stu and Cam judge

7:45pm - Blair Packham performing a few songs

8:30 - A special celebrity guest FOTM takes us home

8:50ish - my wrap up speech

9pm - fin

Has anyone attended all ten TMLX events?

Other than myself, who hosts these events, only three people have attended the previous 9 TMLX events. Shout out to FOTMs Rush Mike, Al Grego and Langer. I expect to see all three at TMLXX.

Is it too late to get in on this healthy fun?

I've heard from listeners that want to attend their first TMLX event that they're hesitant b/c the TMU (Toronto Mike Universe) is now ten years old and joining the community late is intimidating.

Hogwash! I love it when I see a fresh face and meet a listener for the first time. If you've never attended a TMLX event before, and are at all curious, it's time you make your debut. Get your butt to Great Lakes Brewery on September 1 and introduce yourself! That's an order!

Will there be #mindblows and #funfacts?

Of course! In fact, as I map out the three hours I'm 99% sure I'm going to include a fun #mindblow competition at 7:30pm. At this time, any FOTMs who are interested will be invited to come on the mic and share a #mindblow they think FOTMs will appreciate. Ideally, one we haven't repeated a dozen times on Toronto Mike'd. At the end of the open #mindblow competition, Stu Stone, Cam Gordon and I will declare the winner who shared the best #mindblow!

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