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The Legalization of iGaming in Canada Is Great


Why Is Canada Legalizing Casinos?

We live in interesting times. The legalization of online casinos in Canada is underway, and it’s done by established regulators who have taken the entire industry very seriously and spent long times discussing how to make it better. For the players, one of the best ways to enjoy iGaming and online casinos is to find the right bonuses for them at, which is now very easy, thanks to this excellent website.

As Tony Sloterman, product owner at Casino Bonuses Finder, likes to say – what’s the point of great casino bonuses if you cannot locate them conveniently, quickly, and efficiently? Well, players can now do all of this and more through the website! But this begs the question – why has Canada taken such an open and determined stance on casino legalization?

The Ontario Example to Be Followed

Ontario has had fully regulated gambling, covering both iGaming and sports wagering, since April 1, 2022. This has allowed the province to quickly become a hot spot for all sorts of iGaming innovation. But more importantly, lawmakers quickly understood that consumers would benefit the most if they had access to regulated gambling options.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has been acting quick to issue new licenses to worthwhile operators that deserve to be listed as trusted entities in the newly fledged market in Ontario. But it’s not only that as Ontario can also now guide the rest of the country towards full-scale legalization.

So far, the province has been hoovering a solid iGaming revenue, but this is only going to grow once more provinces join in. At the same time, the land-based segment has shown resilience and even competitiveness with people still visiting Ontario and Canada’s excellent land-based casino facilities and committing to the in-person experience just as much.

Ontario’s experience towards legalization is definitely smart, though. It guarantees that consumers are protected at all times and that players are very happy to have a go at the many available options in the province.

How Much Fun Can iGaming Be?

Online casinos are definitely getting more popular by the day. Ontario is home to some of the most forward-thinking gaming companies, such as Rivalry and Star Entertainment Group, which means that the country is deeply connected with the general iGaming industry. But now, these companies have the opportunity to make Ontario their own stomping ground.

It’s hardly going to stop here, though. In the meantime, it’s safe to say that people are having a great time as they continue to enjoy the myriad online casino options. The province itself is definitely benefiting because of the tidy profit that it’s turning on taxing these operations.

But why is iGaming so fun? The answer is not easy, but it’s easy to comprehend. Overall, the industry has changed a lot. It’s now following consumer preferences and evolving. AI is used and deployed to create powerful opportunities for customization of each player’s experience, and this is precisely what is happening here. By legalizing iGaming, players get more opportunities to try a technology that is set to change how we enjoy online gaming. Legalization is a crucial part of making sure that we are all enjoying the best possible version of the experience. It’s fun, it’s safe, and it’s definitely something you would be very keen to try out.

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