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Is It Worth Using a Kodi Build in 2022?

Kodi is an open-source media player that allows you to customize it the way you want. It has been out there for a long time now. It grants you access to customize it the way you want.

Several people use Kodi builds to set up Kodi, but some set it up themselves. Users have been using Kodi for a long time, and now they prefer customizing and using it as they need to.

So, what are Kodi builds, and is it worth using them? Let us find out.

What Are Kodi Builds, and How Are They Different From Add-Ons?

You need to set up Kodi after installing it. You might want to install settings, skins, EPG, add-ons, and more features. There are two ways to do this. You can install a build that gives you add-ons, skins, and settings, all with a single click. A Kodi Build is like a pre-packed/loaded version of Kodi.

Different builds offer different bundles of these add-ons and skins. You might want to make sure about the features it claims. Some Kodi builds force you to install unnecessary add-ons and skins you want to avoid.

Kodi builds save you a lot of time because you need to search for add-ons, settings, and more yourself if you do not have them. Then, you have to download, install, and set up these things individually. A Kodi Build saves you from this hassle.

What are Kodi's add-ons?

Kodi add-ons are different from the Kodi Builds. Kodi Build is a software you need to set up the Kodi, but a Kodi add-on comes into play after a successful setup of the Kodi.

Kodi add-ons give you streaming links to TV shows, movies, live sports, or more. Kodi Builds contain add-ons into them, and not vice-versa. These add-ons only fetch links for you that you can use for streaming.

You can find these add-ons in different repositories. Several verified and unverified add-ons are available for Kodi. Some offer legal and paid streams, while others give you pirated and copyrighted content.

Is It Worth Using a Kodi Build in 2022?

It depends on you if it is worth it for you or not. You might need a Kodi Build if you do not want to get into the hassle of downloading and installing add-ons, skins, settings, and more.

A Kodi Build does this job for you, so you can start using Kodi within minutes. There are some decent Kodi builds for streaming free movies and TV shows through official and unofficial add-ons.

Several users do not favor a Kodi Build because it raises security issues. For instance, a Kodi Build might have a repository or add-on. The old version will stop working when the add-on or repository is stopped or moved to a new location.

Any company can buy the same domain name and create a malicious add-on under the same URL. These add-ons can access your device if you install them. It puts your device at a severe security risk.

Another reason some people do not use a Kodi Build is it offers fewer customizations. You might not want to use an app if you love to set up everything the way you want. A Kodi Build will give you preinstalled skins and add-ons and take the luxury of selecting everything from you.

You might not prefer a Kodi Build if you love to customize and modify the apps. Since Kodi is an open-source media player, it offers more customization options than several other apps. You will find it easy to change Kodi looks without a Kodi Build.


You might need a Kodi Build if you are not much tech-savvy and want everything ready as soon as possible. A Kodi Build is the right tool to accomplish that task.

On the other hand, you might not need a Kodi Build if you are familiar with customizations and settings. You can change Kodi's look, add-ons, skins, and more.

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