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Etobicoke Creek Trail's Premature Ending

There's a cycling route I quite like where I take the Waterfront Trail east to the Humber Trail, the Humber Trail north to Eglinton, and Eglinton west to the trail alongside Etobicoke Creek. I love it. But just when you're enjoying the Etobicoke Creek Trail, it abruptly ends.

You're spit out onto Pony Trail Dr., a residential street. But why doesn't the trail continue south alongside Etobicoke Creek? There's a golf course hogging that beautiful real estate.

The golf course is Markland Wood Golf Club, and it's taking over that trail space until Dundas.

Then, as far as I can tell, you can't bike the Etobicoke Creek Trail again until Sherway Drive. Of course, the never ending construction under the QEW means carrying your bike and avoiding pitfalls for a spell before the trail picks up again in earnest by the Etobicoke Valley Park Baseball Diamonds. Then you're home free until Marie Curtis Park when it's time to head for home on the Waterfront Trail.

My wish for this city, and Mississauga which is where you actually are when on the west side of Etobicoke Creek, is that the Etobicoke Creek Trail be as awesome as the Don Valley and Humber Trails. It would be a truly great cycling artery connecting the north and south in the west end.

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