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5 Things Good Tenants Will Never Do To Their Landlord

Letting tenants live in your home is pretty scary. Nobody will take care of it like you, so you can only hope they don't destroy your property. You can look out for red flags in case you need to take action.

There are certain things tenants will never do to landlords they respect, so let's see if you have something to worry about. Think about getting rid of problematic tenants whenever the opportunity presents itself.

1. Removing Parts Of The Property

Landlord and tenant legal services are sometimes required when people start removing parts of the property they're staying in. If you move into a new property, you'll want to change a few things to ensure it looks nice.

Walls, tree stumps, and sheds are part of the property. A tenant isn't allowed to start tearing up the home just because they're paying rent. Homes should look exactly like they were found once they've had a good clean.

2. Taking Away Your Legal Rights

If someone cares about your landlord rights in Ontario, they won't try to take them away from you. The tenant might decide to change the locks for safety reasons, but it's a bad idea to do it without talking to you first.

You should have a key that gives you access to the house. What happens if the house starts leaking when your neighbor is on vacation? You have a legal right to access the property to save your home from being destroyed.

3. Making Changes Without Permission

I'm sure you won't care if your tenant wants to paint the walls a different color, especially if they plan on staying there for years. If they ask for permission, you can tell them to change it back before they leave.

It's a completely different story if your tenants paint the walls without your permission. Maybe they'll start knocking down your walls next. You should be worried if they make changes without getting the okay from you.

4. Subletting Without Your Permission

Rent prices are rocketing at the moment, which is horrible if you want to move. It's very hard to leave a rental home early if your contract has months left. Tenants will sometimes sublet the property to strangers.

You will have strict guidelines about who is allowed to stay in your home, so they don't get to decide who stays there. A good tenant will try to come to some sort of arrangement with you instead of subletting.

5. Letting Others Live In The Rental

Tenants aren't allowed to stuff as many people as possible into a rental unit. You should be told how many people are moving in when they apply for the home. It's okay to have guests around once in a while.

You will need to keep your eye on pets if it says they're not allowed on the lease agreement. If tenants let too many people and animals cause havoc in your home, it's obvious they have zero respect for you.

Spend Time Looking For Good Tenants

The housing market is going wild at the moment, so lots of people are trying to rent. If you spend a little time looking, you'll eventually find great tenants.

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