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Why are Online Tuitions so Popular?

Nowadays, everybody prefers technology. Even students want everything to be done online, may it be games or something about studies.

They find it fun and exciting, and everybody knows that students can learn better in their convenient environment. So, online tuitions are very popular because it makes lessons fun and exciting.

What are the Disadvantages of Offline Tuition?

Offline classes are very expensive in comparison with online classes.

  • To do offline classes, we have to go outside and reach the tuition classes by traveling, which can be expensive. It is also time-consuming because instead of going and coming, we can utilize that time in our self-studies.
  • In offline classes, there is a fixed schedule. That is, if we are late for the class, we will miss the lessons.
  • Offline classes can't be repeated, so if we have any doubts at home, we will not be able to understand them. In online classes, we can record the lessons and watch them if any doubt arises.
  • During offline classes, if we are absent or we are on holiday, we won't be able to catch the lessons, but in online classes, we can access lessons anytime. Offline classes are less comfortable and we can get distracted easily.
  • Offline classes have longer schedules, which can be boring sometimes. While doing offline classes, we are not able to learn the new technologies.

What do you Understand by the Volume of the Cuboid?

  • A Cuboid is a three-dimensional geometrical shape. It consists of six faces, in which opposite faces are parallel. All the faces of cuboids are rectangular, so all the angles are right angles.
  • The total space occupied by the cuboidal shape is known as the volume of cuboid.
  • It is calculated when the dimensions of the cuboid are given, that is, its length, width, and height.
  • The volume of a cuboid is given by,
  • Height* base area in cubic units, as faces are rectangular, so the base is also rectangular, so for the base area we can write, length * width.
  • So, the volume of the cuboid
  • =length*width*height.cubic units.

A few Examples of the Volume of Cuboid

Example 1: Get the volume of the cuboid, whose size is 9 cm, width is 4 cm, and height is 6 cm.


According to the formula of cuboid,

Volume =length*width*height

Volume = 9cm*4cm*6cm

Volume =216 cubic cm.

Example 2: Get the volume of a brick whose size is 5 cm, the width is 2 cm, and the height is 4 cm.


The shape of the brick is cuboidal in shape.

So, according to the formula, the volume of the cuboid.


Volume =5cm*2cm*4cm.

Volume =40 cubic cm.

Example 3: Get the volume of a cuboid whose length is 20 cm, width is 11 cm, and height is 18 cm.


According to the formula of cuboid,



Volume=3960 cubic cm.

What do you Understand by the Volume of a Cube?

  • A cube is a three-dimensional geometrical shape. All the edges of a cube are of equal length. To find the volume of a cube, one must know its length.
  • The volume of a cube is calculated by,
  • length*length*length, which is three times the length.
  • Suppose the length of the cube is l, then the volume of the cube will be l*l*l cubic units.

Let's take an example.

Example: Get the volume of a cube whose size is 3 cm.


According to the formula of the cube,


Volume = 3cm*3cm*3cm.

Volume=27 cubic cm.

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