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Wellington Park Centre Owned by Rykka Care Centre

Located in downtown Burlington, Ontario, Wellington Park Centre, owned by Rykka Care Centre has been providing care for 123 long-term care residents since 1974. Proudly accredited by Accreditation Canada, Wellington Care Centre is within walking distance of many restaurants and shopping outlets, giving residents a secure home close to many conveniences.

Vision, Mission, and Values - Rykka Care Centres

At Wellington Park Centre, its vision, mission and values come together to create a person-centered approach to improved quality of life.


The vision of Wellington is to create communities where individuals in long-term care, regardless of age, can reach all their achievements and be all they can be.


Wellington's mission is to pioneer services for individuals designed to make a difference in their lives.


Wellington values its people above all else. People are at the centre of all operations in the communities through the following approaches:

  1. Participation: getting residents involved to make things happen.
  2. Excellence: going above and beyond in quality care.
  3. Openness: practicing effective communication of listening, sharing and caring.
  4. Performance: encouraging residents and staff to strive for excellence in all they do.
  5. Longevity: living in today while thinking of tomorrow.
  6. Efficiency: using resources wisely and efficiently is key to Wellington values.

By using a person-centered approach, Wellington Park Centre gives residents a safe, healthy environment while fostering autonomy, culture and diversity. Residents are fully engaged in their care, giving them individual choices and more control. Positive relationships among residents and with resident families is at the heart of the person-centered approach.


Rykka Care Centre's Wellington Park offers two types of accommodations: basic and semi-private. Both types have washrooms ensuite and include beds, night tables, clothing closets, and chairs. Basic rooms accommodate four residents, while semi-private rooms house two. Residents and their families are encouraged to decorate their space to make it more personal.


Accommodation rates at Rykka Care Centre's Wellington Park range from $1891.31 to $2280.04 per month depending on the room type. For those who qualify, subsidies can help cover the accommodation rates for those with limited income. The subsidy covers basic rates only. Subsidies are available for those who are 65 or older and receive Old Age Security or Guaranteed Income Supplement, those who receive support through Ontario Disability Support Program, or those who receive Guaranteed Annual Income System Benefit. When potential residents inquire about Rykka Care Centre accommodations, what is and is not covered in the monthly rates is outlined.

Personal Care Services

Adhering to Rykka’s person-centered, individualized approach to care, residents are provided the following services:

  1. Physicians visit residents weekly and are on-call for emergencies.
  2. 24-hour care by registered nurses.
  3. Pharmacy services, labs, and diagnostic imaging are available.
  4. Social services include: counseling, financial management, discussion groups and patient advocacy.
  5. Laundry facilities are on-site.
  6. Daily housekeeping of rooms and common areas.
  7. Occupational therapy support.
  8. Physiotherapy support.
  9. Restorative therapy services.
  10. Several in-home clinics are also available to residents.

Wellington Park Centre also provides the following specialized care services:

  1. Wound management and skin care.
  2. Fall prevention programs.
  3. Responsive behavior program support.
  4. Continence support and management.
  5. End-of-life or palliative care.

Staff work with each patient to ensure they are treated with dignity, care, and respect while residing at Wellington Park Centre.

Programs and Recreation

Wellington Park Centre offers residents a number of programs and recreational activities designed to keep them active and encourage socialization. These include:

  1. Fitness activities.
  2. Volunteer opportunities in the community.
  3. Music programs such as the Java Music Club.
  4. Gardening/horticultural programs.
  5. Multi-faith services to foster spirituality and inclusion.
  6. Visits by therapy pets.
  7. Community cultural events.
  8. Arts and crafts.
  9. Holiday celebrations and observances.
  10. Computer and library access.
  11. Programs designed to help dementia patients rediscover old skills such as the Montessori approach to dementia care.

Culinary Services

Rykka Care Centre's Wellington Park employs dietitians and nutritionists who pride themselves on preparing delicious and nutritious meals and snacks for residents to enjoy. Cultural diversity is respected and foods are prepared with this diversity in mind. The culinary team at Wellington Park Centre consists of Red Seal Chefs, cooks, registered dietitians, food service managers, and resident councils and program departments working together to provide each resident with three (3) home-cooked meals and three (3) in-between-meal snacks each day. Guests can purchase meal tickets to dine with their loved ones as well.

Life with Rykka Care Centre's Wellington Park Centre

Overall, Rykka Care Centre's Wellington Park Centre uses a person-centered approach to resident care by combining health and wellness with socialization and community involvement for a holistic approach to long-term care. Wellington Park Centre strives to provide evidence-based care that enhances the lives of residents and the work-life of staff. It is committed to ongoing training and professional development of staff to ensure workers are using the best treatment methods. Residents are also encouraged and empowered to make choices about their own care and services. Staff help residents reach their goals, celebrate special moments, and overall enhance their quality of life.

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