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How To Determine The Strength Of Your Bath Bomb Packaging

I think the majority of people will agree that nothing beats a nice warm bath at the end of an eventful and tiring day. It is not just hype because warm baths are proven to soothe your beat-up muscles from the hustle you did during the day. This practice has been going on for centuries, but now and then, people tried different things to make the warm baths more exciting.

It won’t be wrong to say that finally the solution has been found to make the warm bath more exciting and enjoyable in the form of bath bombs. If you are not familiar with bath bombs, then you are missing out because they will elevate the experience for you and you will never look for a change. It is truly okay if you don’t know what bath bombs are because this is an industry that is still being explored and hasn’t reached potential. Bath bombs are like tennis balls, perhaps a bit larger.

Different brands make different kinds of bath bombs, but all the brands use similar products. Bath bombs are made by mixing cleaning agents with aromatics, essential oils, and millions of other things, and this bomb starts to dissolve when you keep it in water and slowly releases all the products that will help you relax, clean, and nourish your skin.

As we stated above, this is a growing market and the demand is increasing at a rapid rate, and to keep up with that demand business opportunities are being formed. If you have always wanted to start something of your own, then this might be the right time for you because it is a new market with high potential.

On the other hand, if you are already in the bath bomb business, you will know how delicate they can be and how you need to customize the packaging to its last detail to ensure that your customer receives the exact product that they ordered. In this blog, we will discuss the ways you can determine the strength of your product packaging and how you can improve the packaging.

So, without delaying any further, let’s get started.

Packaging Drop Tests

As the name suggests, in this test you will be dropping your bath bomb boxes from different heights while your bath bombs are inside the packaging. To make it simple for you to effectively test the durability of the packaging, we suggest that if you have a lightweight package, then you should drop it from more height compared to the heavyweight package.

After you are done trying drop tests from different heights, you should evaluate the condition of the box and your product to determine how strong your packaging is, but this doesn’t end here because next comes the turn of dropping the package at certain angles. You should drop your packages at a minimum of ten angles so that you are completely satisfied, but don’t forget these crucial angles:

  • First, drop your package on the more fragile part of the box (mostly at the angle where the ends are taped together).
  • Second, drop the package on the edges that come from the fragile corner.

Now that you have done the drop tests, how will you decide if your packaging is perfect or needs more work? Know that your package has failed if one of these three things happen:

  • If there is major damage to the product packaging.
  • If there is major damage to the inner packaging.
  • If the product inside the packaging is cracked, deformed, or completely shattered.

Edge Crush Test

Now that you are done with the biggest step to determine the strength and ability of your product packaging, now we move on to the second big test. In this test, it is measured how much force is enough to crush the edges and corners of a piece of your packaging material. This is done by putting a specific amount of weight on top of the piece of your packaging material, and it depends on the material you are using for packaging manufacturing.

No matter what the material is if the material fails this test you should immediately switch to other materials because corners come together to form a box, and if the corners aren’t strong enough, what makes you think that the product you are shipping will be safe all the time?

Burst Test

The importance of this test to determine the strength of packaging is not far behind the drop test and edge crush test. What happens is that this test determines how much force your packaging material can withstand before bursting. To perform this test, a piece of your packaging material will be vertically put between a machine, and a rubber band will keep applying the pressure.

This test is crucial because we all know how courier companies toss around the packages. A simple thing you can do to possibly avoid the tossing around of your package is by putting a caution sticker on the bath bomb boxes so that they know, the product inside the package is fragile.

Vibration Test

After you are done with all the heavy-duty testing of your product packaging, you can move to more polite tests compared to the ones you read above. The next on the list is the vibration test, and this test determines how your package will behave to different frequencies and vibrations because your package will surely go through all that stuff. Basically, there are two main vibration tests:

  • Random vibration
  • Sine vibration (This test shows what frequencies are damaging to your product).

Moisture Level Test

Last but not least, the moisture level test is the last test that will determine the strength of your product packaging. Everything in manufacturing the product packaging from start to end contains moisture whether it be glue or printing. A simple and effective way to perform this test is by using a moisture meter, and that meter will tell you if your packaging needs more time to dry.

This is vital because you don’t know what kind of weather conditions your package is going to go through, and you need to be more careful with the products like bath bombs that are prone to moisture.

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