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Elevator shoes - heightened sense of self esteem

Shoes are one of the most fashionable items we put on as humans. They tend to add so much savor to our dressing. There are different types of fashion shoes, elevated shoes among others stand unique. Although, people had some form of resentment toward it especially in the past. But nowadays, the trend has changed as more and more people fancy the use of elevator shoes. For the sake of definition, elevator shoes as the name suggest are shoes with elevated heels. They are shoes having a thick portion of insoles beneath the heels which would cause the wearer to look taller than the normal height. These types of shoes used to be associated with ladies in the past as there are many types of high heel shoes or elevated shoes specifically made for ladies. Examples of such types of shoes include stiletto, kitten heels, wedges, and more. But in today’s world, we are seeing a trend whereby men are using elevator shoes. Male celebrities are at the forefront of the use of elevator shoes, using them for photoshoots in various red carpet events. And so it is not uncommon to find your favorite celebrity wearing elevator shoes, it is part of the swags of the moment.

But what are the benefits? What is driving this surge in the use of elevator shoes?? Here are some benefits that might interest you and these benefits suggest why there has been increased demand for them.

Elevator shoes increases height

One of the obvious benefits that elevator shoes provide is that it increases the height of the individual putting them on. This is the most important benefit because almost every other benefit is attributed one way or the other to this point.  It is important to know as a statement of facts that tall people often command attention more often than naught in any setting in today’s world.  And so for those who think they are not tall enough, elevated shoes provide them the opportunity to increase their height. Elevated shoes provide a range of height options that fits well on different occasions whether for business or social gathering.

Makes slims

Another benefit of elevated shoes is that it makes the leg look longer in the eyes of the observer, this would in turn elongate your silhouette, and this is also for those who wish to appear taller.

Elevator shoes may help to boost confidence.

Self-confidence is one virtue everyone should have as it helps us to portray and express ourselves in the way we wish to. It is all about psychology.  Elevator shoes can help to boost self-confidence. This is because as we stated earlier, elevator shoes help to increase height and by increasing height self-confidence can improve. There is a correlation between the height of an individual and self-confidence. It has been observed that tall people tend to have more self-confidence on average than shorter people. This is because people tend to hold tall people in high esteem. And in general, tall people are more likely to be given leadership positions than shorter people, thus boosting the self-confidence of the individual. And so if you wish to have a heightened sense of self-esteem then elevated shoes could do that for you.

Boost attractiveness with the Opposite sex

Another benefit you could get to enjoy from elevator shoes is that it helps to boost attractiveness with the opposite sex, especially with women. It is a well-known fact that women tend to get attracted to tall guys, this has even been backed up by data gathered from past research. So yes, a guy wearing an elevator shoe may look more attractive to the opposite sex. An Elevator shoe might be needed critically if the opposite sex is putting on an elevated shoe too especially when it is about the first date. You wouldn't want to give a bad impression about yourself, to enhance your confidence you would need to wear an elevator shoe because first impressions last longer.

Career Boost.

Apart from the effect of elevator shoes on social life, elevator shoes could potentially affect other aspects of life, especially career. This is also based on the fact that elevator shoes increase height.

From studies in the US, it has been discovered that there is a correlation between heights and negotiated salary. In summary, the study suggested that taller averagely got more salary than short people. This is attributed to the kind of expectation employers set on tall people. Expectations of tall people tend to be higher

Elevator shoes may help with postural balance

In addition to the increased height elevator shoe offers which of course is a needed benefit. It also offers some form of postural benefit which makes them truly important. Elevated shoes offer some sort of postural balance which is not usually seen in other types of shoes, particularly high heel shoes. High heel shoes tend to cause some form of postural derangement. However, with elevated shoes, there isn't anything like a postural derangement. This is because it has a thickened layer of cushion underneath that helps to stabilize posture, hence elevator shoes can be worn in everyday life.

Could offer some back pain relief

When it comes to health, elevated shoes also have something to offer. As earlier mentioned, elevated shoes play a role in correcting bad posture as it encourages correct upright movement. As a result of this, back pain could be treated or alleviated. The underlying logic to this is that some back pains are a result of bad posture, and so to alleviate them, there would be a need for postural correction. And the good news is that elevator shoes may help to correct bad walking posture and in the process take away the back pain

Elevator shoes are fashionable.Yes, you heard right, we are in a world of fashion trends. Fashion has helped to shape our current civilization. And one obvious truth is that guido maggi elevator shoes are fashionable, making the wearer look attractive we have seen many celebrities embrace this type of shoes be at red carpet events and other forms of social events

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