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Are Pre-Roll Packaging Machines Worth It in the Long Run?

Cannabis is slowly becoming legal globally, and such changes have brought about certain advancements in product handling. Now that many countries have allowed the use of recreational cannabis, manufacturers have been looking for ways to optimise the packaging. Rolling joints by hand or packing other products manually is no longer an option in areas with high demand. That’s where pre-roll packaging machines come into the picture.

These machines offer many benefits to the industry. But are they worth it? This article will discover just that — how cost-effective it is to invest in cannabis packaging machines. Let’s dig deeper into it.

What Are Pre-Roll Packaging Machines?

If you’ve been in the business for some time, you have probably heard of automated pre-roll machines. However, if you’re new, you might need more information.

Namely, pre-roll packaging machines allow automated filling and pre-rolling. They come with designated slots for both herbs and cones. This allows the device to pre-fill the cones using the said herbs, filling dozens or even hundreds of cones a minute. For a rough picture, pre-roll packaging machines by Hefestus company can fill up to 2,000 cones an hour.

Why Opt for a Pre-Roll Machine?

In contrast to manual labour, pre-roll packaging machines get the job done much faster. Packaging products by hand is extremely time-consuming and requires a lot of resources. On the other hand, these machines take only a few hours to create 10,000 packaged products. Imagine how long that would take to do manually and how much it would cost your business.

What’s more, pre-roll machines deliver perfectly looking products each time. As the filling is performed mechanically, a perfect result is guaranteed. This makes the products stand out and enables you to run your business more efficiently and smoothly.

That does not mean you won’t need to hire an employee or two, as these machines still require handling by hand. For instance, the automatic pre-roll machine for cannabis - Aura Dynamic, requires at least one person to add the herbs and cones and control the process.

What Are the Financial Aspects?

The question that’s on every business owner’s mind concerns the financial aspects of purchasing a pre-roll packaging machine. Writing a business plan is a good start: you can learn more about it here.

As you probably know, these machines do not come cheap — and for a good reason! The technology they use and their production powers are enough to increase the price. A pre-roll machine can cost anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Those prices are entirely in tune with the current standards and industry demands.

But does investing in pre-roll packaging machines pay off in the long run? Although it is not easy to answer this question due to the number of factors we need to consider, we can safely say that it does pay off in the long run. Even though the investment might be higher, your overall costs will decrease over time, which makes purchasing a machine such as this one a good call.

What Percentage of Pre-Rolled Cones Does Your Business Need?

Before purchasing automated machines, which will certainly put a dent in your budget, you need to determine the percentage of pre-rolled cones your business will produce. If you’re considering going into the pre-packaged cannabis business, joints won’t be your only selling point. You also need to consider edibles, oils, beverages, and similar.

So, determine the percentage of pre-rolls in your business using one or all four methods:

  • Use market data from the state in which you operate.
  • Consult your flower supplier for insights into the industry usage.
  • Assume that pre-roll sales will be at least 8% of your business.
  • Conduct a survey if you have an established customer base.

Although it’s hard to determine a precise number, this could greatly impact your business. Also, note that the quality of the flower and trim will drastically affect your sales. So, consider all of these points before you invest.

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