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A Detailed View On Canada's New Era of Gaming

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Playing games is a favorite leisure activity all over the world. Over the last several years, the gaming industry's worth has consistently increased, reaching incredible heights every year.

The gaming industry has entered a new era in emerging markets, such as Canada, where computer, console, and mobile gaming dominate entertainment. In 2021, the Canadian video game industry generated over 1.5 billion US dollars. This translates to a share of around 10% of the overall gaming revenue from the world in 2022, which is expected to double.

Seeing some facts and statistics about the Canadian gaming market will be helpful in gaining a more complete understanding of the market. Here’s a detailed view of Canada’s new era of gaming.

Following is a list of some of the top trending entertainment options in the CA gaming industry:


In Canada, gaming has become so popular that it has almost become a sport. In the eSports world in Canada, there are a lot of professional competitions and tournaments, and eSports is now regarded as a legitimate sport because of the massive following it has from all over the world.

Hundreds of online betting sites are currently available on the Internet that allows people to place bets on their preferred eSports tournaments. There are a lot of safe betting options out there approved by some of the top Canadian wagering advisors who provide expert advice. So it would make perfect sense for bettors to learn more about the differences between these providers through reliable sources with information about bonuses and payment methods and other features.

Mobile Gaming

A growing number of mobile games are becoming more advanced. Young people, in particular, are becoming more and more interested in mobile gaming. It is handy and convenient, and top-rated gaming brands offer amazing features comparable to desktop versions. The ways in which smartphone games have grown from unpopular to popular are evident from video game statistics.

The mobile video game market shares in April 2021, compared to April of the previous year, were 57% and 47%, respectively. Mobile gaming is quite versatile, but many people also enjoy other forms of entertainment in addition to it. The COVID-19 epidemic has caused an increase in the use of smartphones and mobile video games.

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Fortnite is the most popular game in Canada, with over 51 million players. In addition, it has been proved that children, teenagers, and adolescents are the most avid Fortnite players. Moreover, Canadians have a special affection for World of Warcraft. Canada is also home to the largest population that still plays Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft regularly. The World Of Warcraft fan base in Canada is huge. Approximately three million Canadians are WoW players. This is quite amazing as the title has been available since 2004.

Canadian Gaming Stats and Facts

Globally, it seems that the pandemic has intensified gaming patterns. The majority of Canadian adults admit to playing video games as well as some casino titles at the best payout online casino canada offers far more than they did before Covid came along. More than half of Canadians played video games in the last four weeks.

This year, adult gamers in Canada was split equally between males and females, which is the same as in 2018. Moreover, a Canadian adult gamer's average age is 38. Kids and teens are more likely to access and play video games via consoles than through mobile devices, while adult gamers primarily access and play via mobile devices.

eSports are attracting more Canadians than ever before as viewers. Four in ten Canadian gamers stream video games; specifically, 41 percent of adults and 46 percent of children and teens. In both adults and teens, the number of digital downloads continues to grow, with a decline in retail purchases. Puzzle, casino games, and word games are the two most popular games in Canada.

Several studies indicate that sixty-four percent of the population in Canada plays games frequently. As a result, out of 38 million Canadians, fifteen and a half million citizens play video games regularly, ranging in age and gender, versus the 23 million Canadians that played video games last year.

Almost 90% of male adolescent Canadians between the ages of 13 and 30 consider themselves gamers. A large number of professional video game players in Canada make a living from Twitch & Youtube streaming, eSports, testing alpha and beta versions of upcoming games for global companies, etc. More than 40% of Canadian adult players go solo, 40% have a gaming partner, 20% have another player in the same room, and 30% have a gaming partner.


Fewer than 2% of Canadian adults decide to begin playing for the first time in that period.This has led to a rapid rise in video game consumption in Canada. The majority of Canadians also say video games help them deal with stress and anxiety in this period. Whether Corona is to blame or not, there is no doubt that the Canadian gaming market is booming. Canada’s new era of gaming is bringing with it some exciting innovations, and many new people are becoming interested.

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