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Why are YouTube Comment Likes Important: Tips to Get a Lot of Them

Likes suggest a video to a larger audience. Comment, in turn, enables subscribers to look forward to more worthy or problem-solving content. These two feedback systems work hand in hand as it conveys a distinct degree of feedback to the content owner.

Many youtubers prefer to buy a certain number of comment likes these days in order to get more visibility. These likes rate you as a YouTuber and shows the authenticity of your feedback.

Comments likes on YouTube are as vital as food is to the body and as vital as the blood to the veins. A loss of it is equivalent to low views and engagements. The content creator, in this regard, is relegated to the edge. This is an indicator that your videos and comments do not answer the questions; what, why, how, and where.

How do comment likes work?

The algorithm of likes for certain content is dependent on how much people find the video beneficial. Often, a user in search of a certain answer to a situation on YouTube gets a line of videos in reaction to the situation. Subsequently, he or she proceeds to closely watch the kind of videos that channel his or her course with attention to those with the highest likes and comments.

Picture a situation of buyers wanting to check out goods on Amazon, as much as the cost of prices of these goods count, they go ahead, first of all, to check for customer reviews, to see how proficient and worthy the goods have been over time and now.

Comment likes give affirmation of credibility to purchase the goods. Therefore, the amount of comments that a content owner gets shows resourcefulness and authenticity to viewers. This boosts more subscriptions to the channel, facilitating popularity; more views on the page.

As much as a thumbs up can make you, a thumbs down increases the attention you get on the system; it is an analytic measure in the YouTube content category, so a dislike doesn’t mar.

Tips to enlarge your network and earn more comment likes

Comments serve two great purposes: they show your valuable opinion to the world and promote your YT channel at the same time. So why don’t you get more comment likes as proof of your popularity? Read these tips to increase your visibility!

Brand Visual Identity

As a content owner, you need to upgrade your outlook. Maintain a polished channel logo (icon), channel arts, and accurate contact information. You do not need to go for flashy, high graphic arts for your page; rather, employ warm colors that communicate well with your topic and video type.

Ideal brand tag

The perfect recipe for increased comment likes is dependent on how captivating your tags are. It pertains to keyword-optimizing videos. These are words and phrases in your description for easy search results and are different from video titles, as titles imply names.

To gain more content, work on tags. Define and shorten them. For instance, if a video is about “DIY bun hairstyles,” your simple keyword tag could be ‘bun hairstyles’; tags could indicate ‘how to style a bun.’

Tags signal to YouTube that your content covers how to tie a bun and provides different simple ways to go about it. Ensure your tags are easy to read and less than 4 words for SEO convenience.

Use of Hashtags

Sequel to the above, one interesting fact about hashtags is that for a user that watches a video that is not yours, a hashtag on that video’s description could lead straight to your video so long as it shares the same hashtag, the same category, and content title. What more? You gain an extra view!

This is why to go trendy on YouTube, pay attention to linking a hashtag to your video’s description or hashtag it to the title of your video. It pops up as “trending” when related searches are done.

Live stream

People want to get to know you personally and have interactions. It shows how genuine you are, how passionate you are to be of help, and how virtually ready you are to go the extra mile for them.

Ask them about the kind of materials they would like to see and ways to serve them better. So, slam some sauce on it and go to town!

Why ignore comments?

Just like we regard our bedroom and all in it as a personal space or that corner of the house where you find solace as your niche, so does the comment section serve as such. It is your sure proof of competence.

Your savoir-faire is reported in the level of attachment built with your subscribers. So, start a conversation!

In this respect, the best foot forward is a little more explanation, like a forward at the beginning of every academic book, specifying the reason and purport of your content. Your comment section allows the viewers to understand the angle from which the content was created.

Sarcastic comments hit hard as they come, do not run off, do not lock up, but stay calm. Moderate your comment section. Develop it to be that kind that calls to action, devoid of harsh arguments and unproductive criticisms.

Don’t cut yourself short; take your viewers up on contests, challenges, and games. Fascinate them with prizes to participate. It could be a 30-day no make-up challenge or another type of contest.

Follow your competitors, monitor them

YouTube’s sweetheart, Vanessa Van Edward, stands out through her “icebreakers” and “confidence skills series.” Her channel is flawlessly suited to inspire viewers on the need for confidence and proper ways to start a conversation.

Her content is rich, rare, and can’t be compared to similar content on YouTube. In that way, the YouTube algorithm extends her visibility to other users.

Amongst others, you would build a solid foundation of constant comments and likes if you monitor trends and check up on your competitors’ channels. Apart from gaining insight as to what your next line of video would be, you would understand the class of videos that rate more and work on it for your next edition through YouTube analytics.

Sell yourself

Join online communities, blogs, and Twitter spaces, and hang out where you can post your videos or share links to your Youtube page and, of course, leave comments. You can even take the initiative to sponsor a podcast or feature in it. Team up with new influencers, and you will have the luxury of more promotions. Now, do this and see your watch time boom!


Act more and never get carried away with the brouhaha of Internet marketing. Focus on being ruthlessly selective and specific on your kind of content. Be intentional about obtaining positive feedback from users. For all thumbs up and down, celebrate them. Keep content short and punchy, and watch yourself win!

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