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How to Create a 3D Animation Movie - A Beginners Guide

Are you a beginner who wants to know how to create a 3D animation movie? 3D is gaining popularity these days and you can find it being used in music, movies, and series, and in company explainer videos, among others. It’s the dream of every nerd to get paid for creating an award-winning game, movie, or something else. That is why there is a lot of internal drive by most people who want to learn how to create 3D animated movies.

To be a successful animator, you should be proficient in computers, be able to think in 3D space, and have well developed communication skills. You should also have a good temperament since there are instances where you will be working with several people in a high-pressure environment, so being calm can help you.

How to get started as a 3D animator

The best way to get started when you want to create a 3D movie is to learn animation online. Enroll in a reputable animation school and start learning. There are many concepts that you will learn that will come in handy when you are creating your 3D videos.

1. Asset modeling

You know what you want to happen in the 3D world. Know what you want your character to do and create a model that will help you achieve that. Keep in mind that asset modeling necessitates a high level of attention to detail as well as a faster creation speed. You have to make your assets light as this helps during rendering.

2. Character modeling

This will require more depth than asset modeling, and you have to understand the structure and what comes under it. In most instances, 3D artists employ skills such as sketching, drawing, and sculpting. If you cannot draw it yourself, you can ask an artist to draw a character model sheet which you can use.

3. Texturing

This is where colors and textures are applied to the characters. A program such as ZBrush can be used here.

4. Rigging

This is the creation of the skeletal system. Some characters will have linkages to others, so precise movements will need to be created. This is among the hardest things to do in 3D animation.

5. Layout  and cameras

This entails putting all the characters in the places where they should be. This should be done properly because it helps the cameraman to ensure excellent cinematography and guarantees consistency in environments and across shots.

6. Animating

This is where the stuff that you have been creating is made to move. It involves procedures that include blocking and refining.

7. Lighting

At this point, you have a scene and it's time to ensure that the lights are brought in. Different colors and intensities of light can be chosen.

8. Fluid effects and animation

Fluid effects cover everything that can be considered to be able to flow. Fluid effects include such things as fire, water, and dust particles and snow, among others. Animating these effects requires coding and other technical skills.

9. Rendering

You render your animations after you are ready to export them. This is where the lights, textures, and camera movements are exported into one movie file that can be played.

10. Editing, compositing, and posting

After rendering your shots, you should put them into a watchable sequence. A VFX artist can help you put that together. Music and audio are also added to help make magic happen.

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