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When to Replace Old Windows in Your House

Maintaining your door and windows in good functioning order is a must for any homeowner, and it is always a good idea to inspect them regularly as a precaution. Replacing old or faulty windows with new ones is always a choice decision.

Here are some of the most typical indicators of a poorly working window that can assist you in determining whether or not it is time to replace your windows.

You're Paying a Lot on Energy Bills

The cost of air - conditioning your home accounts for a significant amount of your recurring household expenses (approximately 41% of the total). If you see an increase in your energy consumption, your windows are probably the source of the problem. The replacement of old, draughty, single-paned windows with Energy Star certified goods can significantly save your energy bills over the long term.

You Have a Damaged Window Frame

It would be best to address some types of window damages, such as new weatherstripping or hardware replacement, as soon as you discover them. The replacement of a deformed, cracked, or broken window sash or frame rather than its repair is the better option. A deteriorated window frame is unsightly and reduces the efficacy of the insulation, air conditioning systems, and siding in the building. Cracks can also allow for the entry of small rodents and insects.

You Have Fogged Glass Window

Double- and triple-paned windows are the only ones that cause this issue. Condensation accumulates between the window panes, usually due to an opening or gap that is pretty negligible to the naked eye. The fog-like appearance of your double-paned windows may indicate that the gas is leaking if you have gas in your windows. It is not as effective as an air-filled window to have a regular double-paned window. As a result, if it starts leaking, you should probably replace it immediately.

You Have Difficulties in Opening or Closing Your Windows

Your windows' constant opening and closing produce small grooves and divots in your car's paint. The strain of several openings on the window frame can cause crevasses to form over time due to the repeated openings. Based on the intensity of the problem, they can make the door stick when opening. Such signs of wear and tear resulting from the passage of time are sure signs that you need to replace your windows.

Possibility of Having Drafts in Your Home

Properly functioning windows should not allow air passage, except for specific openings determined by design. However, suppose you are still experiencing cold drafts entering your residence through other penetrations besides the air ducts, even after several attempts at caulking and weatherstripping. In that case, it may be time to consider replacing your windows.

Your Windows Are Nearing the End of Their Service Life

Several window design pros agree that new, high-quality windows will last for between 15 and 20 years before you start thinking about replacing your windows. The majority of firms that manufacture vinyl windows provide a 20-25 year guarantee, which is effectively a lifelong warranty – the projected lifespan of the product. Windows constructed per Canadian Standards Association – CSA – specifications can last for 25 years.

You should expect to have to fix your windows frequently for 15 to 25 years, adding sealing and insulation as needed and executing a variety of other temporary adjustments. However, you will have to replace the complete system at some point.
Whether you're seeing aging signs or damage to your windows or want to lower your energy expenditures, you should consider replacing your old windows with new ones. Find a reputable window installation in Cambridge and enjoy the increased comfort you'll experience.

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