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Toronto Living: Benefits of a Lawn Irrigation System

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Kentucky bluegrass is one of the best turfs for Toronto homes. It can withstand the cold and harsh weather of the city and has quirky boat-shaped, blue-green blades. However, you won’t witness your turf reaching its optimum potential when your lawn is consistently unkempt.

Furthermore, your Kentucky bluegrass will become dormant when you don’t pay much attention to lawn irrigation. They will only regain their vibrancy after they overcome drought-induced stress. This means you need to seriously consider which sprinkler systems in Toronto to use.

Signs That Your Lawn Needs Help

Before figuring out how your lawn can benefit from a sprinkler system, it’s essential to know the signs that mean it needs help. The good news is that yards are not secretive about their physical health. Here are some things you need to look into as they would mean your property needs some tender loving care.

  • Invasion of crabgrass: The overgrowth of this pesky weed means there will be impending soil erosion.
  • Persistently patchy and thin grass: Though this problem is mainly about the soil, it’s still essential you catch on to this early on since it can lead to the death of the grass.
  • Presence of grubs: These creamy white larvae can cause dead spots in your turf since they feed on the roots of the grass. They also attract raccoons and moles. If you see them along with wilting turf, you need to take action.
  • Bare patches: These attract weeds. If you don’t remedy the problem right away, expect to see an overgrowth of weeds in your lawn.

One of the best remedies to these problems is efficient watering your lawn. It needs at least an inch-deep of watering once a week. Do this in the morning and watch how your grass regains its vibrant colours in no time.

Reasons You Need an Irrigation System

A lawn irrigation system isn’t a luxury one can only see in upscale golf courses and mansions. Many people fail to realize that this system is more affordable than they think. It cuts down water wastage because you’ll no longer have to hand-water your lawn. It’s also a cost-effective and convenient way to keep your property vibrant and healthy.

Below are some of the main reasons you need an irrigation system today:

Saves Time and Effort

When you have an irrigation system in place, you won’t have to water your lawn manually, saving you time and effort. With this, you won’t have to worry about sunburn and backaches from standing for too long under the sun’s scorching heat. You will no longer be anxious, thinking whether your lawn is getting enough water.

It doesn’t matter if your lawn is part of a miniature postage-stamp garden or a sprawling estate. It will benefit the most from an irrigation system. Your lawn sprinklers will help make your vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, and the entire yard remain vibrant and healthy throughout the year.

Helps Save the Environment

Cutting-edge technology equips modern lawn irrigation systems. These include moisture sensors, water gauges, and timers that carefully regulate water usage.

The purpose of these tools is to avoid water wastage and also keep your lawn from being overwatered. This is far from the traditional hand-watering system most people are used to. They typically keep you guessing if you watered your yard just right.

Modern sprinkler systems can keep your turf healthy. A flourishing yard is better at absorbing atmospheric pollutants like ozone, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and other toxic gases. It releases pure, healthy oxygen back into the air. It can also prevent runoff and soil erosion.

Saves Money

Modern technology calibrates sprinkler systems to only use the right amount of water when watering lawns. This cuts wastefulness, effectively lowering your monthly water consumption. It’s similar to hitting two birds with a stone — you can enjoy a lush green yard while also saving on your water bill.

Benefit From an Irrigation System

If you’re still ambivalent about investing in a sprinkler system, consider the comfort, convenience, and money you can save in the long run. You may be have to pay a hefty amount when you get one, but its cost outweighs the benefits. These advantages should be enough to sway you in the right direction.

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