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Top Tips for Writing a Catchy Personal Essay

Personal essays should talk about your life experiences describing a particular event or lesson. They cover multiple topics ranging from a family member and someone that changed your life to your experience with a certain subject in school.

If you are looking for your personal essay to stand out in the submissions, there are key components you need to be versed with. Essay and research paper writers have mastered personal essay writing essentials and deliver texts that resonate with the readers.

Readers long for stories from people who can creatively share their lessons and describe something they can relate to. Here are tips that will help you write a personal essay that connects to your readers.

Pick a Spellbinding Topic

An interesting topic will make the reader want to see more. Picking a topic that is appealing to you will also give you the energy and zeal to write a great essay.

How do you pick a personal essay topic? As much as you write about your life experience, give preference to the topic that will interest your audience. If you find a topic appealing, then chances are high your target readers will give it a warm reception.

Create an Outline

Outlining is a critical aspect of personal essay writing. It allows you to establish how you can connect your content and information to support the thesis of your paper. Creating an outline will help you organize your thoughts and create a roadmap to working through your personal essay.

Your outline must comply with the standard structure of an essay. It should feature an introduction, body paragraphs to elaborate, support points highlighted in the introduction, and a conclusion that reiterates your thesis statement and summarizes the body paragraphs’ content.

If you want to find someone to help you with the structure, opt for expert assistance. It’s also a good idea to read an essaypro review before you decide on using one.

To create an effective outline, determine your essay objective. Your thesis statement will give you an idea of the points you should make to support your thesis. Outline how many paragraphs you will have and the points each will carry. Thus, your essay will flow seamlessly.

Avoid a General Topic

When writing a personal essay, narrow your focus on the topic as this will allow you to communicate with your audience exhaustively. Apart from exploring your topic in detail, it will help you establish the direction and approach you want to take with your paper.

Avoiding generalization will allow you to be more specific in terms of research interest, making thesis development easy.

Create a Strong Hook

Have you ever been surprised by how you got absorbed by an article you had not planned to read? The hook of the article grabbed your attention, making you curious about the rest of the information. In a personal essay, you have only a few seconds after a reader interacts with your paper to draw them in, and for this, you need a powerful hook.

A hook is among the first sentences of your essay, usually not more than two, designed to attract the reader’s attention. A hook must be intriguing so that your audience naturally ends up reading your essay.

It is important to differentiate between a hook and an introduction. Note that a hook can never replace an introduction; rather, it should enhance it. Your introduction should incorporate a hook, a brief highlight of your topic, and a thesis.

To write a good hook, ensure it is relevant to your essay. You also want to determine the purpose of the hook. What do you want to achieve with it? Do you want the reader to be surprised, intrigued, or shocked? Write a hook aligned with the intended reader’s reaction.

Sometimes, it is recommended to write a hook at the end of the writing process to give yourself time to develop something creative.

Remember to Keep the Essay Personal

Your audience is ready to embrace any topic you wish to speak to. What is important is to keep the essay personal. Write the whole article about you and details of your life experience. For instance, don’t write about a school you went to; instead, talk about how the school changed you.

Be Unique and Creative

Note that your audience already has interacted with several other pieces. Do not describe an obvious experience that many other people probably have covered. Do more by giving your readers exceptional experience.

In a personal essay, you are also allowed to be creative; however, do not overreach. Creativity will set your work apart from the rest; identify your strengths and use them to your advantage.


Everybody has an interesting story to share. However, it is usually challenging to put the story down on paper. You can write a clickable personal essay if you are equipped with the right information. The guide above will help you create a clear outline, develop a catchy topic, and come up with a hook that will interest readers. Internalize the guide above and pen down a creative personal essay that stands out from other submissions.

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