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The 1985 and 2015 Blue Jays

If you've spent any time reading this blog or listening to my podcast, you're likely well aware that I loved The Drive of '85. That was the Toronto Blue Jays 1985 season that resulted in 99 wins (still a franchise record) and their first ever divisional pennant. We won the American League East and went on to lose the ALCS to the Kansas City Royals in seven games.

I loved that team. I never missed a game, be it on television or radio. Here are a couple of photos of my actual scrapbook from 1985.

The 1985 Blue Jays is my favourite Jays team to not win the World Series. They came awfully close, going seven games in 1985, but close doesn't count.

Thirty years later came my 2nd favourite Jays team to not win the World Series. I called it the hype train of 2015, and this Jays team was as likeable as they get. We'll never forget Joey Bats and his bat flip following his 3-run blast in that crazy 7th inning in the ALDS against Texas. The '85 Jays didn't have to worry about an ALDS.

In the ALCS, the Jays were 90 feet away from tying things up in game six, but it was not to be. Again, the Jays were close, but couldn't get by those same Kansas City Royals.

The Blue Jays franchise is 45 years old now, with back-to-back World Series championships in '92 and '93. But before they won it all, there was 1985. And the brightest spot since 1993, IMHO, is that 2015 squad.

Two teams that came awfully close, but couldn't get it done. Damn Royals.

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