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Four quality of life gaming improvements it’s easy to take for granted

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Quality of life improvements in gaming have come a long way. It might seem hard for modern gamers to believe, but once games had to be loaded by cassette tape onto a computer. That process could easily take twenty minutes or more! Now a single touch of a screen and you can be playing within seconds. But this quick start is far from the only improvement. With many now seeming so commonplace, it is impossible to imagine they weren’t always a part of gaming.

Autosave and quicksave

Losing progress in a game and having to redo it can be incredibly frustrating, but saving a game was often a more complicated process in the past. It might only be easy at certain points of the game or even need you to enter your password. But now, with games offering autosave to save your progress continuously and quicksave that allows you to save at any point in the game, the chances of you losing progress are significantly reduced.

Online game library

Remember when a new game meant a shiny new disk? The trouble with that shiny new disk is that it didn’t always stay shiny for long. A moment’s carelessness might lead to the disk getting scratched, causing glitches in the game or even making it completely unplayable. Online ownership has enabled your personal gaming library to be stored digitally. It is available to download again if anything goes wrong with the original download or if you have a new device.

Apps, downloads, and browser games

Another significant improvement that feels as if it has been there forever is the ease of getting a new game. A new game no longer means a trip to a store or waiting for a delivery. Instead, games can be downloaded to a console or computer, app-based games can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, and internet browsers give access to countless games to be played online.

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Optical mouse

The old-style ball mouse is now a distant memory for many, as are the problems it caused by breaking or missed movements. The optical mouse has vastly superior tracking, which greatly improves the gaming experience.

This list is far from exhaustive, and many other improvements have boosted the quality of gaming over the years. And as technology advances, new developments are coming all the time – that cutting-edge improvement that you’ve just discovered may well be taken for granted in ten years.

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