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FLOW 93.5 Format Flip - It's Now TODAY Radio

When Flow 93.5 launched in 2001, it was all about Roots, Rock and Reggae. In fact, "Roots, Rock, Reggae" was the first jam played on the station back on February 9, 2001. Note that date... it was 21 years ago today.

They never played that song again. Channel drift set in and it morphed into a rhythmic top 40 station. FOTMs Farley Flex and Jonathan Sinden were there at the start and will soon join me for a deep dive into the spirit of Flow. In the meantime, here's Farley's Toronto Mike'd debut. Yes, we talked about the launch of Flow.

Today, FLOW cleaned house and is flipping formats to something they call TODAY Radio. I'm sorry to hear some talented broadcasters are now out of work.

In an interesting side note to this story, G98.7 will begin using the name "FLOW 987".

Stay tuned...

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