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Sports betting providers provide live streams for free

True soccer fans naturally try to watch a match live as often as possible. However, this is not always easy, as paid subscriptions have to be taken out in order to be able to watch a match live on the PC, TV or smartphone. With the help of the sports betting comparison portal, we were able to gain an insight into which betting portals also provide a live stream with which you can follow the action on your smartphone, tablet or PC, provided you have an account with such a sports betting provider and bet on the matches. We have summarized what needs to be considered and how simple the procedure is.

Watch games live and legally on the Internet - here's how it works

For those who are fed up with the numerous providers that broadcast Bundesliga or international matches, we offer a good alternative that allows you to watch a match live on your device without having to pay for a subscription. Numerous betting portals offer a live stream in certain leagues or competitions, which you can then watch live on the bookmaker's site. It is also possible to place a bet on a match that has already started, so that you can experience even more excitement.

However, in order to enjoy a live stream, it is necessary to register with such a bookmaker. In most cases, only a few details need to be entered, so that the registration is completed within a few minutes. Afterwards, a deposit has to be made so that a bet can be placed. Only then are the streams activated on most betting portals and you can watch numerous matches live on your smartphone, tablet or computer and join in the excitement.

Americans, however, have to do without matches from the 1st Bundesliga, as providers here naturally can't get in the way of the big names like SKY or DAZN. Nevertheless, there is a great variety of live soccer to watch. The Tipico Bundesliga, Spanish Primera Division, French Ligue 1 or the English Premier League are often offered, so you can do without a paid subscription to a pay-TV channel.

Find the right betting provider including live streams

Before you sign up with a betting provider, you should first check the seriousness and security to be able to exclude that it is a portal that is only on the deposited funds. Only then can a bet be placed and it can be assumed that a payout will be made in the event of a win. In order to be able to check whether an offer is serious, there are now numerous test reports on the Internet, which also report on the live streams and evaluate them. A gambling license, customer service and the experiences of other sports fans can also be included in order to find a suitable provider.

For sports fans who often place a bet, it is also worth taking a look at the odds comparison to be able to increase the profits. Bonus offers or the betting range also play a major role in the selection of a suitable portal and you should obtain information about all providers in advance.

Numerous betting options are now offered

Anyone who has not yet experienced the magic of a sports bet will only know the tension during a game from matches by watching his heart club. After a bet has been placed, there is of course the possibility of a win. Thus, the game automatically becomes more exciting and you fever with the team on which was tipped.

Sports betting and the addiction factor - player protection is a top priority

More and more often you read in the media that a sports fan has gambled himself away and is now broke. Even celebrities are affected by gambling addiction more often than expected. In order not to become a victim of such a scenario, there are various offers on the part of the bookmakers that sports fans should definitely take advantage of if they ever bet too much.

Should an increased loss ever occur that throws a sports fan off track, there are now numerous contact points that are familiar with this problem and can offer immediate help. In addition, most betting providers allow you to set your own limits so that you don't deposit or wager too much.

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