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Leverage Toronto’s Tech Boom to Improve Your Mobile Presence

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Toronto has always been a tech-forward city – a meeting place not just for Canadian innovators, but diverse talent worldwide.

In the past few years, though, the tech sector has boomed here, with app developers in Toronto commanding a prime spot on the world stage. In this article, let's explore the tech renaissance in Toronto, and make a case for why now is the perfect time to improve your business's mobile presence.

Inside Toronto’s Tech Boom

There have been rumblings for some time about a tech boom in Toronto, but this article from The Star back in May pushed the issue into the spotlight. In it, business reporter Josh Rubin surveys the Toronto tech landscape, interviewing a few key players and reviewing a few salient stats.

The thesis is clear: a massive upturn in the tech sector, buoyed by both large tech businesses and boutique app developers, has helped Toronto weather the COVID storm. The city not only witnessed an influx of talent, but has also steadily made a reputation for itself as a world-class tech city.

Good News for Toronto Companies

This boom couldn’t have happened at a better time. As Statistics Canada points out, online shopping surged during the pandemic, leaving several businesses in need of a robust mobile strategy. Moreover, a growing share of the workforce across industries now prefers to work remotely, using staff software to do their jobs.

In short: businesses will need mobile solutions to thrive in a post-pandemic world. Call it serendipity that Toronto just so happens to have emerged as a major hub for mobile solutions.

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How (and Why) to Improve Your Mobile Strategy

The best way to improve your mobile presence is by building a custom app – whether it’s a retail app, internal staff app, events app, etc. Luckily, Toronto businesses have access to some of the world’s finest developers. Partner with an app development company that will take the time to understand your business goals, collaboratively construct a mobile strategy, and implement your vision on-spec and on time.

If your business currently has an app, and you are unsure whether it needs reworking (or a complete from-scratch overhaul), chat with a trustworthy app development company. The best ones won’t try and give you the hard sell if they don’t need to – they should be honest about what needs to change (if anything).

Whether you build a new app from scratch or improve your existing company app, you will see results. An innovative, powerful app can:

  • Help you future-proof your business with an adaptable, scalable infrastructure
  • Leverage emerging technologies to help you stand out amid competitors
  • And help your business drive acquisition, retention and engagement for higher profits

With tech currently booming in Toronto, and the pandemic changing consumer expectations and workforce habits, now is the perfect time for businesses to set their sights on mobile projects. Make use of Toronto’s world-class talent to build a hard-working app for your business.

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