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How to start an essay

Why do you need an essay?

Some people need to take international exams, where they need to write the written part, some people need to write worksheets, and some people want to blog in English. The introductory phrases for writing in English, which we will look at today, is also useful for that beautifully to express their thoughts clearly.

Before we begin, I want to give a small recommendation, which may seem obvious, but a lot of people do not want to: before you write your work or list, make a plan. Professionals at research paper writing service also do this. Many students consider it unnecessary, but a clear plan will help you know what you want to do in the essay.

For example, if you write an essay for the exam, the very statement of task can be very comprehensive, and very easy to open one of the set questions, simply because he got lost in their own thoughts and forgot about it.

Also, the plan helps you to speed up time for reflection and begin writing more quickly.

For me, the best thing in writing a piece of work is to start writing it. The topic may be so foreign to me that I have a question: what can I really write here?

Or, on the other hand, there may be so many thoughts on the subject that I wonder where to start, and how in general to put all this mess in my head into a beautiful structured text, and contribute to the limit of words.

In this case, my plan is very virulent. After spending 5 min to write it, I already know where to start and how to continue.

What you can write in the first paragraph of the essay

When starting to write an essay, it is important to state the statement of the problem, and also it is worth noting what position in this matter you adhere to. It is not necessary to disclose in the first paragraph of his opinion in full, just say it in general terms. For example, you need to state your opinion about what kind of vacation is better: passive or active. Then you can start your life like this:

Most people think that the best way to spend their vacation is to lie on the beach and do nothing, but in my opinion, the more active you are - the more energy you will have.

Useful phrases for your start

Now let's move on to the phrases that can be used in the first paragraph of the work:

Most people think / suppose / reckon / consider that ...

If you're writing an essay for a class, it's best to replace the word think with synonyms to demonstrate a good vocabulary.

  • Many people believe (instead of believe you can use any other synonym) ...., But others do not agree;
  • It is generally agreed today that;
  • Today, with increased frequency…

Your arguments

At the end of the first paragraph, after you've written the introduction, you can go over your arguments:

  • Let's look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of;
  • Let's look at some pros and cons;
  • Let's start by looking at some facts;
  • I believe we should start by considering some facts.

Preparatory work is important

Before you write an essay or motivational list you should do "homework" - make a study of the opportunities for which you want to apply. To do this you also need to ask yourself a few questions - "what do I want to get?", "what limitations do I have?", and "who do those who read my work want to see?

The more you know about the organization you are addressing, the better you can answer these questions. Also think about what the purpose of your participation is, what your requirements are for the return opportunity, and what the program requirements are for applicants, and why they want to appeal to you.

If you have started training for the program, you can sometimes adjust your own experience for certain needs - to get a volunteer experience or language certificates. The main thing is to know exactly who you are looking for in this program.

Prioritize the opportunities you see for yourself - the dream program, which has little chance of being accepted, but you have to try; the real and good program; the program that you will definitely be able to get into. To do this, assess the strengths/weaknesses of the reverse program, its possibilities and threats.

Make plans with deadlines so as not to miss them.  

We ask for the opinion of experts

Many educators are glad that they can back up their arguments with the opinion of experts.

  • We cannot be dismissive of experts' opinion ...
  • Experts in this field have a theory
  • Specialists in this area convinced that ...
  • Experts emphasize that ...
  • From these facts, one may conclude that
  • Which seems to confirm the idea that ...

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