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#1 in '97: Humble and Fred Look Back 25 Years Later

I'm stepping up my role with Humble and Fred in 2022, assuming more duties as producer of their podcast. I was thrilled to be a part of a fun retrospective we just dropped on the Humble and Fred podcast feed.

#1 in '97 was a Humble and Fred promotional CD they printed 2000 copies of in 1997 to go with their #1 in '97 campaign, a campaign that actually began in 1995. Humble and Fred tell me they actually hit #1 for their targeted demo before 1997, but since that didn't jive with the campaign, #1 in '97 it was!

Here's the guys looking back 25 years later, reminiscing about the campaign and playing bits, IDs, bumpers and jams from 1997.

#1 in '97 Track Listing:

1. Humble & Fred's Intro

2. Fancy Produced Intro

3. Death 4. Sex 5. Food

6. Mr. Goohead

7. Farting

8. People

9. Animals

10. Lamb's Head Song

11. Religion

12. Mother Theresa Song

13. Famous People

14. Sheila Copps Song

15. Humble & Fred

16. Fancy Produced Extro

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