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The iGaming Landscape in Canada

There is no doubt that gambling is an exciting activity that millions enjoy every day as it provides them with the chance to win big money. However, those who have enjoyed freedom when it comes to gambling will likely participate in the activity without giving it a second thought. This is a luxury that many other regions in the world cannot enjoy though as different places will have different regulations regarding gambling. While it is easily possible for Canadians to find Casinos for Money in Canada, this might not be true of someone who lives in a state in the US, where the activity is not yet legal, such as Utah where there is a total ban on betting.

Gambling open to Canadians

As of last year, Canadians will be particularly happy to learn that single-event sports betting was opened to the public meaning that operators who are located in Canada can now create their iGaming and sports betting markets. Given that Canada is an independent country that neighbours the US, some might not be surprised to learn that they operate with separate policies compared to their US counterparts. This has meaningful impacts on the landscape of the iGaming scene. For example, many operators in the USA typically need to partner with another gambling authority, such as a local casino or lottery. The fact that this is not a condition across the border means that it’s likely many interested parties will be eyeing up the potential of Canada’s iGaming market.

How is Canada different?

One should not make the mistake of thinking that Canada is not too different to the US when it comes to iGaming. Though they are close neighbours, there are many differences between the two countries as a result of different governmental policies. In Canada, the national law illustrates that provinces can manage all gambling activities in that region, meaning that provincial lotteries and those who regulate them will typically oversee everything to do with iGaming. This is contrasted with the US, where operators are free to act as private entities as long as they pay adherence to the laws of the state they are operating in.

However, those who are following along with the latest industry news will know that Ontario has recently launched its first iGaming market, and to follow this, it has also planned to grant licenses to operators who are looking to get involved. The launching of an iGaming market in Ontario has made many citizens hopeful that other provinces in Canada will soon follow suit. There is no doubt that this has set a precedent, and many operators will be waiting patiently for more regions to legalise gambling too.

What does this mean for Canada?

There is no doubt that Ontario launching its first iGaming market can only be a good thing, for both those that live in the area and the operators who are based there. Players can now enjoy online gambling free of any legal worries, and the operators who provide this service can also enjoy the profits from offering such an activity. As more countries in the world reconsider their stance on gambling, the industry moves one step closer to global adoption.

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