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Brian Williams Retires

Following an excellent 50 year career, Brian Williams is retiring from broadcasting. Brian has worked in radio at CHUM and CFRB and then on television with CBC and most recently CTV / TSN.

I'll never forget the 90 minutes I spent chatting with Brian in my basement studio. I believe Dave Hodge is the reason Brian agreed to visit some guy's home on that April 2017 day, as he'd had a great experience in September of 2016.  Dave vouched for me, and Brian made it a very easy conversation about his years at CBC, the 14 Olympic games he covered, the Punch-up in Piestany, calling Blue Jay games and the broadcasters he admired.

I also remember how thoughtful Brian was with courtesy calls before and after our recording. Not emails, but actual telephone calls. I think he enjoyed the experience. I know I did.

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