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Best LED Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting, also known as downlighting, can lighting or pot lighting, is fast becoming a common feature in modern architectural lighting and this rise is not by mistake. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, it has an impressive range of benefits. Recessed lights are installed on surfaces, mainly in ceilings as well as on walls. There are two major types of recessed lighting; incandescent recessed lighting and LED recessed lighting, with the LED light taking the center stage thanks to its energy saving ability.

Ceiling with LED recessed lights

Recessed lights are versatile with interior and exterior applications. Below are some things to consider when shopping for LED recessed lighting.


There are LED recessed lights with sizes ranging between 2 inches to 6 inches. It is not strange to find a combination of two or more different sizes of lights in most homes, however, the 4 inches and 6 inches LED recessed lights are the most common.

Picking the ideal size for an apartment can be a bit tricky because it is easy to assume that the larger the size, the brighter the light. However, that is not entirely true fr LED recessed lights. Unlike in incandescent recessed lights, the brightness and beam angle seen in most 4 inches LED recessed lights are relatively the same with few exceptions. This makes choosing the ideal size LED recessed light for an apartment more of a decision based on personal and aesthetic choices rather than a practical one. The following things can aid in picking the right size of LED recessed lights. The first is to ensure that the selection is consistent. That is if you want to pick 4 inches for a specific room, stick to it and don’t mix it with other sizes. The second thing to look out for is how appealing it looks from various distances. For higher ceilings, 6-inch lights are ideal, and vice versa for ceilings with lower heights.


There are two main types of LED recessed lights, they are Adjustable recessed lights and fixed recessed lights.

  • Adjustable recessed light: here the lens of the light can move to a certain degree and focus the light at different angles
  • Fixed recessed light: here the lenses are stationary in their trim. This is one of the most common types of LED recessed lights.

There are newer types that still fall under the main types of recessed lights. They are slim recessed light and fully adjustable recessed light. Some of the best slim LED recessed lights on the market are available on Lepro.

Dim and Quality of Color

Some LED recessed lights have a dimmable light feature, while some don’t. This feature can be used to reduce the color temperature of an area and also focus light on certain areas or objects.

Brightness and Beam angle

Brightness in LED lights is usually measured in lumen(lm). The higher the lumen, the higher the brightness. It is usually advised that LED recessed lights with high lumen should be installed in taller ceilings, while those with lower lumen should be installed in lower ceilings. The beam angle of the lights is also another important factor to consider when looking for LED recessed lights. Ideally, an LED recessed light has a beam angle above 90 degrees.

Best LED Recessed Lights

Lepre, LE has some of the best LED recessed lights on the market. Reviewed below is a 6-inch and 4-inch LED recessed lights along with some of their features  

Lepro LED Pot Lights 6 Inch, Dimmable 14W Slim Recessed Lights with Junction Box:

This is one of the best LED recessed lights on the market. It comes with an impressive range of features that helps to cement its place as a top-notch product.

Lepro LED 6-inch Pot Lights has a dimmable light feature, meaning that you can increase or decrease the brightness of the light from zero to 100. This allows users to use it as a focus light to illuminate and highlight various features in a building.

It is also anti-glare and flicker-free helping to reduce strain on the eyes. The recessed light comes with a junction box which makes it easier to install the whole setup. Firstly, the junction box is connected to a power source, the light is then connected to the junction box after which the remaining process becomes a breeze, ending with the light well installed in the ceiling.

This LED recessed light is made of Aluminium and plastic material. It also has a beam angle of 110 degrees. Lepro LED Recessed Lights are rated energy star and UL and FCC certified as safe. This comes with an impressive warranty of 5 years.


  • 14W power
  • Aluminum, plastic material
  • Dimmable
  • Junction box
  • 110 degrees beam angle
  • Anti-glare and flicker-free


  • It is easy to install
  • The lights are dimmable
  • It consumes less energy
  • It is has a long warranty


  • It is not waterproof

Buy here:  

Image text: Best-LED-Recessed-Lighting-2

Image Alt: Lepro 6-inch LED Pot Lights

2. Lepro LED 4 Inch Pot Lights:

This is another impressive LED recessed light that offers the best price and value from Lepro. It has a lot of similarities with the Lepro LED light reviewed above with a few differences which are highlighted below.

This LED recessed light has a power consumption rate of 11W and brightness of 750lm. This pack comes with six lights as well as a junction box which is used to connect the light to a power supply, therefore aiding its installation in the ceiling.

The 4 inches LE LED recessed light has a dimmable light feature which enables users to adjust the brightness of the light to their taste. It is also a good feature for increasing or dimming the light’s focus on certain objects or parts of a building. The lights do not have glare and they are flicker-free making them relatively eye-friendly and homely.

The light color of this LED light is warm white. It has a color rendering index (CRI) of 80. The lights have a lifespan of 50000 hours and come with a warranty of 5 years. It has a beam angle of 110 degrees.

The LED recessed light is made of aluminum and plastic material and has a net weight of 5.73 lb. It has an energy star rating and UL and FCC safety certification showing it as relatively safe and energy-efficient. However, this LE LED Recessed Light is not waterproof. It comes as a pack of six units.


  • 4 inch
  • 11W power consumption
  • 6 units of LED recessed light
  • Aluminum and plastic material
  • Dimmable
  • Junction box
  • Warm white color
  • 110 degrees beam angle


  • It is easy to install
  • It is affordable
  • Consumes less energy
  • It has a long warranty
  • It is glare and flicker-free
  • The light is dimmable


  • It is not waterproof

Buy here:

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Image Alt: Lepro LED 4 Inch Pot Lights


It is essential to know what you want in LED recessed lights before setting out for the market. Doing your research would save you a long of time and money in the long run. LE offers some of the best prices and value online. You can buy 4, 6 inches LED recessed lighting from LE to save money and energy today.

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