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Three Considerations for Your Home Security Camera System

With smaller cities like Barrie or Vaughan growing rapidly over the last  couple of years,

Home Security camera systems are getting increasingly more popular today. With this trend expected to become increasingly popular, we wanted to get tips, tricks and considerations on how to properly install security camera system for your home, like a Vivint Security System.

How many cameras do you need to protect your home? Should your cameras be wired, visible or hidden? We sat down with Daniel Sumarokoff to get a professional advice and share considerations on security camera installation.

Go for more Expensive Options

First and I can’t stress this enough, we highly recommend investing more in your security camera equipment. There is a reason why this equipment is more expensive that what you can buy at Walmart. It’s designed to deliver on it’s function, while you get peace of mind. One brand that we highly recommend is Uniview - one of the major manufacturers on the market that we highly recommend. Uniview has proven it’s quality over time, so I would highly recommend to explore this brand when looking for a reliable high-quality security camera option for home and business.

We see these issues all the time. When a low quality security camera system did not deliver on what it was purchased for. As a result, we are often called to replace security cameras and setup a reliable option. This way, going for a more expensive equipment will definitely save you money in the long run, since sooner or later, one way or another, you will come to using a reliable option anyways.

Consider keeping your outdoor security cameras visible

Another consideration that you can use will help you prevent any potential issues with your property before they happen. We highly recommend keeping some of your security cameras visible to the potential intruders, as shown here. This way, you can prevent problems before they happen. It’s a well known fact that the probability of wrongdoing decreases when a potential intruder knows that there is a security camera that will potentially capture an image of them.

That’s another reason to go for a more expensive security camera option.You want to make sure that if you need to, you will actually capture an image that is needed.

Proper Installation of Your Security Camera System

Another big consideration to keep in mind. There is a number of security cameras designed to serve very specific purposes. Depending on what security camera you chose to install, you may want to consider the height and distance that is optimal for your security camera.

Also, depending on the range and height of your property, I recommend you to consider a resolution of the security camera that you are going to purchase.

Consult an Expert

Many of the security camera installation companies offer a range of packages and special offers that include the equipment itself, plus installation services. I recommend at least consulting an expert or getting a professional service. This way you can be certain that your security camera equipment is working the way you want it to, as well it will potentially last longer.

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