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Should You Consider Moving Out of Toronto?

The COVID-19 pandemic created an exodus from dense urban centres that has been unmatched in recent years. Those approaching their retirement years and those permanently working remotely are especially likely to decide to move to a location to seek out more affordable housing, a relaxed lifestyle and easy access to nature.

Why Leave?

If you’ve spent most of your life in Toronto, it may be hard to say goodbye. That said, there are a few compelling reasons why you might be looking for a new option:

  • Expensive Housing Market
  • Cost of Living
  • Over-populated
  • Traffic
  • Air Pollution
  • Lack of Access to Nature

Ultimately, you’ll have to weigh the decision for yourself. If you’re already looking to buy new property or make a big change, however, now may be a great time. Especially since the high cost of real estate means that you’ll get great value for your property if you own a home.

You Don’t Have to Go Far

While some of the people who have left Toronto for the benefits of distant rural locations, like the Maritime provinces or moving to calgary, the massive change that kind of a move presents might prove too great a culture shock for some.

When you move to a rural area in southern Ontario, you’ll get to experience the best of both worlds. The Niagara Region, in particular, has blossomed with numerous arts and cultural venues such as the Shaw Festival, First Ontario Performing Arts Center in St Catharines, the Outlet Mall in NOTL and much more!

Not only will your cost of living be significantly reduced, you’ll also remain close to any friends or family that are living in Toronto, Hamilton, or southern Ontario. Compared to moving all the way across the country, you won’t be far at all.

Choosing a New Housing Option

For those looking to sell a home they currently own and do not want to move very far away from Toronto, there are custom home builders in Niagara that can provide you with excellent options. For those looking to retire, the Niagara region is an excellent location, offering things that you can’t get in Toronto like

  • An Abundance of Natural Beauty
  • Wineries
  • Golf
  • Spectacular Beaches
  • Reasonably Priced Real Estate
  • Excellent Investment Opportunities

When you opt to work with home builders to create a new custom home, you’ll also gain access to more options than you might otherwise find if you try to buy a new home in Toronto.

The decision to leave Toronto or stay where you are can be a tough one. After all, one of the great losses of the pandemic and its necessity for social distancing has been that so many of the best parts of Toronto, such as dining and nightlife, were off access.

Given that these things are slowly returning, you probably don’t want to move very far away. Talk to a custom home builder in the Niagara area to learn more about what is available in your budget range.

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