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What Updates Do Homes Require Every Decade?

If you've been living in your home for a number of years now, then you might be starting to think about updates that might be needed, but what updates should you get done for your home, and at what point? Some updates can increase the resale value of your home more than others, while certain updates can be used just to increase the aesthetic appeal of a home to suit your liking. Window replacement in Brampton is on an update that can do both of these things while also boosting its energy efficiency at the same time.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

Repainting your home is a budget-friendly renovation project that can boost the appeal of your home tremendously. No one wants to be living in a home with a color of paint that they start to despise, and repainting your home once a decade is a good way to keep things looking fresh. The interior paint job will be more affordable than the exterior paint job, but if you're wanting a complete overhaul, why not do both at the same time?

Many older homes are still full of completely white walls, and that can sometimes make things feel a little boring after a while. Why not consider going with a new color scheme that you've had on your mind? If you're not familiar with what colors to go with, it always helps to browse around online for some examples of coats of paint that combine well with each other.

Painting your home is also a good way of increasing the resale value of your home. Updating your home will potentially increase its resale value. When your home is finally put up for sale and people are walking up to the front door to view it, they can instantly tell when updates are done.

Some people might not know what painting your home can also provide protection against the elements of nature. Over time, these elements tend to take their toll on the exterior of your home:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Wind
  • Sleet
  • UV rays

With a fresh and new paint job, your walls will be more equipped to stand up to the elements. You'll prevent moisture from getting into your home, and when moisture has a chance to get inside a home, it can lead to further problems like mildew and mold.


After a decade of having carpet in your home, there is a good chance that it'll begin to show its age. Carpets should typically be replaced every decade, and some people like to replace them even sooner than that. If you have numerous pets running around your home, wear and tear on your carpets will happen much sooner. If you have a couple of kids, you'll undoubtedly have stains on your carpets after a while. Other things like dust and debris can also get into your carpets fairly quickly if you don't maintain them and clean them on a regular basis.

Window Replacement In Brampton

Window replacement in Brampton should be at the top of your list of things to update after many years. Over time, the seals on your windows begin to break down due to the elements of the outdoors continually weathering them. As soon as gaps and cracks begin to develop in your window seals, energy efficiency tends to go down very quickly, and that will result in increased energy bills from month to month.

If you're considering new windows for your home, you'll want to go with at least double-pane windows. If you really want a good measure of insulation and energy efficiency, triple-pane windows are an even better choice. It always helps to get a window contractor out to your home to assess the condition of your windows. If your window seals are still in good condition but the pane of glass isn't, then you might be able to get away with just replacing the windowpane, and that update will be a little cheaper than full replacement windows.

If you start to notice any fog between your window panes, that's condensation that is building up between them and is a clear indicator that your window seals are compromised.

At that point, window replacement is nearly on the horizon.

Water Heater

Installing a new water heater is another upgrade you'll want to consider getting done after about ten years of use. The goal of a water heater is to:

  • Keep your fuel cost low
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Turn bigger problems into smaller ones

Smoke Detector

You'll always want to ensure that your smoke detector is functioning how it should be. The same goes for your carbon monoxide detector. These detectors will alert you when a fire or poisonous gas is infiltrating your home. Both of these detectors will be good for about a decade, and you'll always want to do routine check-ups on them to make sure they are in working order. No one wants to risk getting injured from a fire just because their smoke detector wasn't working properly.

Garbage Disposal

Another thing you'll want to consider getting installed is a garbage disposal system. If you currently have one and notice it starting to become very dull, then you'll be dealing with clogging, unpleasant smells, and weird noises.


Appliances in a home tend to last around 15 years. After that point, you might begin noticing signs of wear and tear add up, and you'll probably have to consider replacement at that point. Some people like to try extending the life of their appliances by getting them fixed over and over, but sometimes that can add up to more than the appliance is even worth brand new. If you find yourself in this situation, you might want to consider just purchasing a new appliance altogether.

Sometimes people develop a sentimental attachment to their appliances. Older appliances aren't as energy-efficient as the newer ones, and experts find that the old one isn’t even on the Energy Star rating scale a lot of the time. This could result in you losing out on a lot of savings from month to month. Newer appliances are also more environmentally friendly than old ones. With something like a new washer, your clothes will wash faster, more effectively, and all while using less energy. New appliances might seem like a large upfront cost to replace, but over time, that amount of money you save just on your energy bill will continually add up throughout each month.

Updates on your home shouldn’t be something that you should feel the need to put off. If your cold and drafty windows have been bugging you for years, consider contacting HTR Windows & Doors to guide you through the process with their expert advice.

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