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What Should I Know About Window Installation In Edmonton?

If you're considering basement window installation in Edmonton, knowledge is power. The more you know about what types of windows you're going to be installing and why the lower your chances are of experiencing buyer's remorse years after they are installed. Maybe you're wanting to install basement windows in a bedroom or entertainment room that will add a little extra natural light into your cold and dreary basement. Or maybe your current basement windows are letting in a ton of cool air because of how damaged they are. These are both good reasons to get new windows.

Why Should I Get Window Installation In Edmonton?

There are a variety of reasons why someone might consider getting window installation in Edmonton.

The Windows Don't Function Properly

Dealing with windows that don't function properly anymore can become extremely annoying. No one wants to be struggling just to open their windows when they just want to allow a gentle breeze to flow inside the home, but all too often, old windows have a lot of functionality issues.

Not only will functionality issues with your windows be very frustrating, but they will also allow the elements from outside into your home. Leaky windows can result in mold developing in the basement, and that can wreak havoc and spread throughout your entire home if you don't address the issue.


Another reason why people consider replacing their windows is that they have a lot of condensation in between the panes of their windows. This points to the fact that the windows are leaking and that the seal isn't doing its job to prevent the outside air from getting inside any longer.

If you have a bedroom located in the basement, drafty air pouring into the room can become fairly uncomfortable depending on what time of year it is. Drafty air pouring into your home will also result in higher energy bills each month.


Over time, damage occurs to everything under the sun, and windows aren't immune to wear and tear after a while. Some types of windows require a little more maintenance than others. If you have wood window frames, you'll have to exercise a little more maintenance in order to keep them in peak condition. Vinyl windows require much less maintenance in comparison to wood windows.

What About Egress?

Egress windows are designed to be big enough so that a regular-sized person can get through them if there's an emergency, such as a fire, in the home. There are a couple of benefits to egress windows:

  • You can easily escape through them if there's an emergency
  • They provide a lot of natural light
  • They provide ample ventilation in the home

The National Building Code of Canada states that Egress windows need to be 0.35 square meters and contain a dimension of nothing under 15 inches. If you're the owner of a property, you'll need to have an egress window if there are people living in the basement.

What Are Some Styles Of Windows I Can Get For The Basement?

There are a variety of basement windows that you can consider getting installed in your basement.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are a common choice that many homeowners like to go with for their basement windows, especially if no one is living down there. They aren't a good egress window because their size doesn't allow people to escape through them efficiently. Hopper windows are wider than they are tall. They include a hinge on the lower part of the window that lets you open them inwardly. The amount of ventilation that hopper windows provide to basements is ideal.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are another common option to get installed in basements. These windows open outward and also provide a fair amount of ventilation to your house while preventing precipitation to get in. Lots of people like awning windows because you can keep them open even if it's raining outside.

Like hopper windows, awning windows don't make to be suitable for use as an egress window.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward and are tall windows that can come as a single-window or as a pair. These types of windows are good for using as egress windows because of the size that you can get them in. People can easily escape through casement windows in case of an emergency.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows contain a pane that slides back and forth on a track. If you're not fond of casement windows, consider taking a look at sliding windows if you're wanting one that is perfect to use as an egress window. Ensure that you're getting the right size of the window so that it satisfies the building code requirements for egress windows.

Sliding windows tend to save a lot of space in and outside of your home. People walking by the window on the exterior of the home won't run into the problem of ever bumping into the window, and this often happens with other styles on the market. One thing to note about sliding windows is that they do provide a little less ventilation because only one portion of the window will be open.

Window Material

When you're looking around for windows, you'll want to do a bit of research on what type of material to get. The majority of window contractors highly recommend homeowners to get vinyl windows or UPVC windows because of the frames:

  • Are durable
  • Are resistant to warping
  • Are resistant to water damage
  • Are resistant to mold

The nice thing about vinyl windows is that you don't have to spend a lot of time keeping them maintained, and that's a huge bonus for those that just want to enjoy their windows without the constant upkeep.


The cost associated with basement windows varies depending on a number of things, but you can expect to be paying anywhere between $440 to $1600. If you're requiring a professional to cut out concrete or build a window well in order to install the window, then the price will reflect that.

It always helps to walk around your basement and see what the condition of your windows is. It also helps to get a window contractor out to your home to inspect your windows to see if you can get away with only installing one or two instead of every single one.


If you've never had the chance to install a window in your basement before, you might want to consider leaving this to the professionals. Installing basement windows is sometimes more complicated than other windows if you don't already have a window well in place for the window to be installed in.
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