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Top 5 Games About Canada

Canada is not a popular topic among game developers. Most action games often feature the U.S., and the brave American characters arrange spectacular gunfights. Most often Canada appears in sports games or racing simulators. But there are some popular and spectacular projects whose authors have tried to show all the benefits of this cool but truly amazing northern country. Let's take a look at the games that everyone in this country can be proud of.

NHL 94

Such a top could not do without a sports simulator, because Canadians just love sports and love to place bets on NHL 94 is remembered for the fact that it appeared as a mechanic that allows the player to hit the puck immediately after passing. This popular hockey technique is used by real athletes and found in all subsequent games of the NHL series.

This classic game had such a major impact on the genre that in NHL 14, created 20 years later, we saw an emulation mode of the classic game for anyone who didn't catch its release in the 90s.

Sang-Froid: A Tale of Werewolves

This game is a unique blend of action and strategy. You'll be transported to an epic folklore legend co-authored by one of Canada's most popular writers, Brian Perrault. The two brothers have to leave their feud behind, because their sister is being hunted by the Devil himself! This time you can't do without brute force, because the enemy is much stronger than you. Only wit and the ability to set clever traps and ambushes will allow you to see the sunrise again in this cold forest.

The Long Dark

When it comes to stereotypes connected with Canada, its residents are usually represented as hockey players or eternally freezing Eskimos. The creators of The Long Dark prefer the latter, and that's why in this game we are placed on the snowy North of Canada, trying to survive despite everything. The Long Dark is one of the toughest and the most elaborated games, because there are several indicators that tell us if the protagonist is cold, hungry or thirsty.

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada is an adventure in a post-apocalyptic world in which the remnants of survivors from the United States are trying to reach the salvation of the Canadian border, where dense forest and brave rangers have saved the population from a zombie epidemic. After choosing and equipping your own squad, you can begin the thorny journey, gathering resources and slaying the undead hordes.

Your character can pick up and throw objects at the enemy, use bats, umbrellas, boards, crowbars and firearms in combat, returning with the loot to the car, which serves not only as a means of transportation but also as a trigger for the next plot twist. As soon as you hit the gas pedal, the game begins to resemble The Banner Saga, asking you to make one choice or another with unpredictable consequences. Are you ready for this?

CrossCountry Canada

CrossCountry Canada is one of those rare games that combines entertainment and education, and even if you want to drive around Canada in a rental car, you can simply drive around the selected route in the virtual world to calculate how much fuel you need for your trip.

As you drive around the country, stopping at destinations and counting goods, you improve your knowledge of math and geography. Although the game's graphics are dated, the mechanics and attention to detail can keep any gamer captivated even after two decades.

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