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Best League of Legends (LoL) Teams

Undoubtedly, the most well-known multiplayer battle arena game ever is League of Legends. When it comes to League of Legends, novices and the world's finest teams flock to it, setting an example for future generations to follow. For teams and individuals, success in local leagues and worldwide tournaments seldom results in renown. Taking part in League of Legends and MSI World Championships gave them a chance to show off their prowess throughout the world. If you are into lol gambling or the well-known esports game in general, you might find this list useful. It's not like success comes with promises like failure, and getting there is only half the battle. To be considered for inclusion into the Hall of Fame for League of Legends, players must exhibit a combination of skill and dedication. That's why they're among the top teams in League history.

1. T1

The first T1 is unafraid to lose after winning four straight world championships. Because even the tiniest mistake might lead to T1 seizing control of the game, its opponents must always be one step ahead of them. When making your final pick for the overall champion, keep an eye on T1. The world's best player, as of now, must be kept by the squad if it is to succeed in the long run. This competitive monster's razor-sharp mechanics and strong game sense led to several wins and losses. It's a great product even if T1's performance has dipped in recent years. Fans of League of Legends power rankings know that T1 is a powerful force in every big event or LCK split.

2. FunPlus Phoenix

Then there's FunPlus in Phoenix. At the League of Legends World Championships in 2013, FunPlus was the uncontested best team, despite its young age. In the quarterfinals and semi-finals, FPX faced off against Fnatic and Invictus Gaming, respectively, to advance to the championship match. The unbeaten streak of G2 Esports came to an end in the championship match as they were thrashed handily by the other team. However, the event itself was a surprise. Nobody had high hopes for the squad after they finished 7th or 8th in the LPL 2019 Summer Playoffs. The squad raced to the top of the LPL 2019 Spring Split rankings after adding Tian and Doinb.

Both the LPL Summer Split and the Summer Playoffs were won by the team, further solidifying their hold on first place. FunPlus Phoenix has struggled to maintain its high level of play after winning the League of Legends championship. They've earned our admiration and gratitude for their great efforts in 2019. They're the clear favorites this year because to their low odds in LoL worlds betting.

3. Damwon KIA (South Korea)

Damwon Gaming has a proven track record of skill and ability growth. The signing of MiraGe Gaming, the newest team on the Korean Challenger circuit, made it feasible for DWG to be formed. To the team's surprise, they finished sixth in their debut Challenger Series outing. They improved dramatically in the next CK 2018 Spring Split, finishing second this time. It was Damwon Gaming who came out on top in the CK 2018 Summer Split, dropping only one game. They stunned many by finishing 5th in the Summer split after qualifying for the 2019 LCK season. For a new team, this was a huge win. A successful postseason run by Damwon in the LCK Spring Playoffs and third place finish in the summer playoffs this year was a highlight of his career. They did not perform well enough to be included in the main 2019 World events after winning the LCK Regional title for 2019. A play-in round victory earned them a spot as Korea's third seed in the competition, though. It was only fair for them to get a shot at Worlds after their triumph in the LCK in 2020. It's reasonable to say that DWG dominated the competition from the beginning of the 2021 MSI and World Championships.

4. G2 Esports

GameSpot has quite a big eSports coverage. In order to be competitive in League of Legends, teams must have a lengthy history of success. G2 Esports has been well ahead of the competition since qualifying for the EU LCS. With an effective combination of strategy and physical might, they won the game. They were a fascinating pair when Wunder and Jankos were playing together; it's difficult to find two players that compliment one another so well. Combined, they held the title of top League of Legends team in Europe for over a decade. They were comprehensively outplayed by the MAD Lions in 2021. G2, Europe's King, had to overcome numerous obstacles along the way, but his grace and persistence carried him through. The failure to bring home a medal from the international tournament was one of their worst mistakes. One of the most egregious failures in the history of the organization was its inability to qualify for Worlds 2021. Despite their recent problems, G2 Esports remains one of the best League of Legends teams ever, and their overall success merits their position on our list.

5. Invictus Gaming

Developers of video game software work at Invictus Games. Prior to this revelation, the only thing people knew about Invictus Gaming was that they came close to winning the League of Legends Championship Series in China last year. Everybody's perspective on them changed when they took home the World Championship title in 2018. TheShy and Rookie, the team's aces in the solo lanes, are two of League of Legends' greatest players. Due to their explosive playstyle, continuous aggressiveness, and unmatched teamfighting, Invictus Gaming was able to win the League of Legends competition. However, the fact that they did not make it to the World Championships in 2020 and 2021 lessens the importance of their success. Just by looking at their roster, it's difficult to think Invictus Gaming isn't a top-5 squad.

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