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Top 5 Adventure Games To Grab Your Attention

If you need a few things to occupy you during your free time, you have several options to consider, but I'll consider gaming as one of the elite options you have. Speaking of gaming, it still comes down to what kind of games you prefer. If you're reading this, it's hard to guess if you like games or not. Because either way, you came to check out games I'll be listing in this article. This article will list five adventure games you could play to occupy yourself. Adventure games are the perfect attention-grabbing games you want to play because you can get really engrossed in them like you're in that virtual world. Adventure games are story-driven single-player games and usually contain elements like action, puzzles, etc.

However, if this article consists of adventure games, are the games for mobile devices, PCs, or consoles? You don't have to worry about that. I'll make it a mix of all. I'll list adventure games across different gaming device options such that you can find one to grab your attention while you need it to. Moreover, if these gaming options don't sound as great, find some Canadian real money casinos here. Maybe you could finally play some adventure games from casinos online.

Here is the list of them:

  1. Broken Sword;
  2. Oceanhorn;
  3. Uncharted Collection;
  4. Broken Sword;
  5. God of War;
  6. Grand Theft Auto V.

Broken Sword

Imagine playing Uncharted without all the leaping and shooting, with a narrative that hints at a good Dan Brown novel, and you'll get a good idea of what Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars is like. If you need an adventure game with a story that's capable of drawing you all in that you forget what world you're in, here it is. Download the software on your gaming PC and have plenty of fun.

A bomber dressed as a clown interrupts easygoing American George Stobbart's vacation in Paris, and he's drawn into the Templars' secretive world. Despite a few darker parts, the plot is excellent, and creators Revolution keep the tone light. The backbone of the series, though, is George's connection with French photojournalist Nico Collard.

Broken Sword is still one of the finest adventure games on PC because of its excellent storyline and voice acting. However, it includes the famed "goat puzzle," which has been parodied by numerous adventure games, including all four Broken Sword sequels. At the very least, self-awareness is half the battle. Broken Sword is a game of the 90s, but it's one of the best to date. Besides, there have been several titles having up to 5 parts.


OceanHorn is one of the most enjoyable games you can find on the Google Play Store. You get the feeling of being in an open-world game like Zelda, yet you don't lose your bearings quickly. The gameplay is story-driven, as expected, and you could play it for over 10 hours. The game focuses on sword fights and the use of magic; you'll be required to find ancient items in your quest. You'll get to fight monsters, learn magic, and unearth ancient riches that can aid you in your journey. To solve the secrets of the ancient country Arcadia and the sea monster Oceanhorn, you'll need all of your brains and skills.

The game requires a phone with a lot of RAM space as it alone requires 1GB RAM to be played. However, the graphic settings are customizable to fit devices of all sizes, and legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito inspire the theme music. If you need to immerse yourself into a game for a while, download OceanHorn from the Google Play Store and have some immersive moments on your Android.

Uncharted Collection

It would be pretty hard to mention excellent adventure games on consoles and not mention Nathan Drake at all. In Uncharted Collection, you get to step into the old journeyman's boots of Nathan - treasure hunter extraordinaire and all-around delightful Indiana Jones type, with his intriguing background to boot. This game is a classic Naughty Dog franchise and provides a compelling story, and could have you playing for hours non-stop. Nathan goes across the world with his ragged companions to pursue treasures, truth, and glory in four parts.

Uncharted is limitless in the delights it gives for anybody wondering if X truly does mark the place with all the extra time they have at home today, with riddles, shoot-outs, and plenty of stealth for those who enjoy creeping their way through crumbling ruins. Uncharted Collection consists of three fully remastered games for PS4, and they take across various experiences with their spectacular global destinations. The game is mainly played on PS4, but it's available for Android and iOS devices.

God of War

If you had a console back in 2005, there's no way you could escape not knowing God of War. You would recall Kratos' struggles and tribulations as the notorious Spartan god and foreteller of doom in the ancient world, right? Even if you haven't played the original God of War series, the PS4 remake released in 2018 is excellent and time demanding enough to divert anyone's attention away from the current events. The previous storylines from the game cover Kratos slaying the gods as retribution for all the things they did to him.

However, in the PS4 remake, he seemed to have retired to a peaceful life. He had a wife and also had a son. In the poignant narrative, you play as Kratos on a seemingly routine journey to disperse the ashes of his late wife (and his kid's mother), only to get entangled in Odin's wrath, the whispering of the World Serpent. And the tales of a variety of other mythological figures. God of War is both a thrilling adventure and a sensitive examination of the sacrifices we make for family, and it is both exhilarating and tear-jerking. The PS4 remake is excellent, but the previous editions are still as great too. You could pick any of them and have a fantastic time playing it out. We are expecting to have a new part on PS5 soon. I doubt that there are a lot of people who have played all the God of War games, so I’ll help you list them chronologically if you need something to engross yourself with. Below you can see a list of God of War games.

  • God of War: Ascension
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus
  • God of War
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta
  • God of War II
  • God of War III
  • God of War (2018)

Grand Theft Auto V

What's an action-adventure game if not this masterpiece released by Rockstar North in 2013? It is the highest-selling video game in history, and it would be hard not to have heard of it even if you don't fancy games that much. There have been several GTA editions before this, but this one is so much more exciting. It offers a roleplaying experience never before seen with any video games.

The game allows players to explore various ranges of gangsterism and social vices, including theft, robberies and it's the most received game of all time. The game developers were said to have drawn influence from previous Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption projects. It's available mainly on the Playstation console and PC.


The games listed above are the best you'll find across consoles, mobile devices, or PC if you need something to occupy your attention for some while. Adventure games are a great way to relax and enjoy solo games. It takes you through a storyline and fills it up with other exciting elements you may look forward to. There you go.

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