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Looking to Engage Your Child’s Mind? Here Are Some Great Tips

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It’s been an incredibly challenging year and a half for people here in Ontario, with intermittent lockdowns in place, schools closed for in-class learning, and employees working remotely. Between the public health crisis and the difficulty in juggling professional and personal needs from home, people everywhere are tired and burned out.

It’s also been difficult for children because they’re used to socializing with their peers and learning from their teachers face to face. Could you use a few new ways to engage their mind? If so, please read on for some helpful tips.

Online Coding Classes

Children love playing video games, but you may be surprised to learn that they love coding them even more! Learning how to use professional coding languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++ will keep their minds busy in ways that are fun and productive.

Learning to code teachers a specific skillset that readies them for the workforce and future classes and also teaches them to think more broadly like an engineer.

The best online programming courses in Toronto that teach coding for kids have a small ratio of students to teachers, optimally, four-to-one. They also have young teachers who have experience in the field and subject matter expertise, and they relate well to the kids because they also grew up playing video games.

Watch Great Old Movies

Kids don’t need to be pushed to watch the latest blockbuster that all their friends are talking about, but watching older films can be rewarding, broadening, and lots of fun. It’s probably wise not to begin with black and white classics like Casablanca and choose something more recent.

Once kids understand that there’s a whole world of movies, they’ll be more amenable to your recommendations. Even younger classics like the original Star Wars or Indiana Jones movies can be a perfect entryway into the world of movies based outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Show them Music

Everybody responds to music on a visceral level, even kids new to it with a lot to learn. Just about everyone taps their foot to the beat instinctively before they even know what music is. Lots of music is designed especially for kids.

Music may form a big part of your child’s identity, in which case, they may cling to that genre and not be as open to others. You don’t need to impose your tastes onto your child, but playing music outside their wheelhouse exposes them to new sounds and broadens their mind.

Showing them how to play a musical instrument is also a great way to bond with your kid. If you don’t know how to play, look for free lessons online for whatever instrument you have in the home.

The best thing people in Ontario can do now is continue complying with recommendations from medical experts and keeping busy in their own safe way. Keep the above tips in mind if your child could use a new activity to keep them going, and they’ll be more engaged and happier.

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