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Top 5 Most Popular Casino Games in Canada

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Canadians love to play casino games to pass the time and have fun. However, when we say casino games that can be a really broad term, as there are lots of things that actually fit into that category. Moreover, the content itself differs depending on what someone chooses to play. Think of it as saying that someone is into video games, you learn so little from that statement. This is because the term encompasses a wide range of different experiences to the point where we need a new name for it. So, let’s see what are the most popular casino games in Canada to figure out what Canadians like to play exactly.


Slots take up the majority of casino game libraries, and the same goes for physical casinos. The majority of their space is allocated for slot machines. Slots are also incredibly diverse, and they can vary depending on the theme, number of reels, and paylines. Moreover, they can have different rules or interactions with symbols and bonus rounds, which is why no two slots are exactly the same.

Even though all of them look very similar on a surface level you should always choose carefully. The goal should always be to use your deposit wisely, and not be swayed by big winning numbers. Try to go for games that have a high RTP rate, a high number of paylines, and fewer symbols. Statistically, these offer the highest chance of scoring a winning combination. That being said, the machines that pay out frequently also have a lower jackpot.


In general, poker is a popular game that’s played outside of casinos as well. Canadians also have their famous poker players who attend and rank high during world poker tournaments. Its main appeal lies in the fact that you don’t have to solely rely on luck in order to succeed, in fact, it’s mostly skill-based.

The reason why people love to play it online is that they can easily find other players. It is really fast-paced and as a result, people get easily hooked on playing it. You can finish a match rather quickly and move on to the next one. Most of the so-called pro gamblers are poker players. They have made a fortune playing this game, writing books on how to play it, and even coaching others. In fact, some of them are so good at it that casinos don’t allow them to play at their institution. As a result, they turn to online casinos especially if they can be anonymous there.


A great number of Canadians love blackjack, and it’s absolutely their favorite casino game. It’s really easy to learn and understand, and yet it can be very mentally demanding if you wish to be successful. Much like poker, it’s dynamic and matches are over within minutes. They also love to play online using a live dealer version. If you take a look at the best fast payout casino sites, almost all of them offer live casino games. Moreover, they love these platforms because they give them access to their winnings almost immediately.


Did you know that Baccarat accounts for nearly 10% of all online casino games played on a global scale? That’s an incredibly high number considering just how many people play online all over the world. Moreover, Baccarat accounts for almost 90% of casino revenue in Macau. So, it’s really not too surprising that players in Canada love it as well.

The game has simple rules, and yet players can rely on multiple strategies in order to win against the dealer. There are also different online iterations of Baccarat, and of course, it is typically included in the live section as well.


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Roulette is one of the oldest and simplest casino games, and yet it’s still relevant up to this day. Even though the game itself is pretty straightforward, the reason why it’s so popular is its odds. Out of all the things you can play in a casino, roulette offers the best chance of winning. It’s almost 50%, in both European and American versions. The American version has two 0 fields and this gives the house a slightly bigger advantage compared to the European version.

When it comes to online play, the developers experimented with roulette as well. You can play multi-wheel roulette which basically allows you to play more games at once. Of course, the wager is also increased or multiplied by the number of wheels you are using. It’s not too groundbreaking, but it’s still a  different and faster version of this iconic casino game.


To sum up, these were some of the most popular casino games played in Canada. They also love to play those wheels of fortune games as well as craps, and lots of other things that are available via live play.

Once again the categories used here are somewhat an oversimplification of available options. In other words, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and especially slots, all have multiple versions with slightly different rules. That being said the core design is more or less the same so if you like one version you will definitely like the other ones as well.


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