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#TMLX8 Was Awesome

Last night, about 75 FOTMs collected on the patio of Great Lakes Brewery on a warm and clear August night for TMLX8. We actually filled the patio fairly quickly and many were relegated to the lawn and sides. It wasn't just TMLX8, but it was also the recording of our final Pandemic Friday episode of Toronto Mike'd. Pandemic Friday is toast.

Everyone enjoyed delicious pasta courtesy of Palma Pasta and their first can of fresh craft beer courtesy of Great Lakes Brewery. Then, Mike Majeski surprised us all by buying FOTMs another 40 cans. Amazing!

The finale was a great mix of humour, controversy and a sweet sadness that Pandemic Fridays have come to an end. When Great Lakes Brewery closed at 9pm, many made their way to Queensway Park for the post-mortem. What an awesome community!

You can hear this 76th and final Pandemic Friday below. Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible, but especially my co-hosts these past 17 months, Cam Gordon and Stu Stone. They were two shining lights during a very dark time, and I'll never forget that.

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