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#TMLX8 is Friday!

We're all set for TMLX8 on Friday, August 27. Here are some details....

Palma Pasta is delivering individually packaged bundles of delicious Italian food at 6pm. My wife has been tasked with getting that food somewhere where hungry FOTMs can help themselves.

Great Lakes Brewery is hosting this event, and I'll show up around 5pm to set everything up for the Pandemic Friday finale recording. We'll have speakers so attendees can hear what we hear in our headphones. Great Lakes Brewery is buying all FOTMs their first pour of fresh craft beer.

The actual recording will begin at 6:15pm sharp.... that's because we aim to say goodbye at 8:30pm so there's time for everyone to vacate the patio by 9. 8:30pm is also last-call.

We will kick out some farewell jams, but I'm most excited about the fourth mic. Stu Stone, Cam Gordon and I have our mics, as usual, but that fourth mic belongs to you. It's the FOTM microphone, and anyone can jump on to tell us what you thought of Pandemic Fridays, Toronto Mike'd, or whatever you like. Jumping on the fourth mic for a couple of minutes is optional, but encouraged.

For those concerned about space, there's a large lawn beyond the patio, so if you want to socially distance outdoors, that should be pretty easy to do. This is an outdoor event, rain or shine, but you can use the indoor washroom if you mask up.

See you all Friday!

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