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Most Played Jackpot Casino Games

Are you looking to find a new jackpot casino game to play and wonder what the most played game is? Maybe you are considering switching games? Or perhaps you want to see what other games others are playing? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

We know how challenging it can be to find a new jackpot casino game that is not only fun to play but has fantastic prizes attached! To help you find your new game, we have compiled a list of the most played Jackpot casino games! Find your new Jackpot casino games at Fanduel and start playing today!

Most played jackpot casino games.

Below is a list of the most popular jackpot casino games and information about them to help you decide today!

  1. Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune has previously won the Guinness World Record for being the most popular jackpot game, and it still holds its popularity to this day. The Hollywood-style slot game includes free spins, allows you to choose from a range of wages to bet, and can generate wins of 7 figures! Some of these wins have started from a tiny $0.25 bet too, so it's a fantastic one to bet low and win high with.

2. Hall of Gods

Next, we have the progressive jackpot game, Hall of Gods. There is a mega jackpot you can win, along with midi and mini jackpots, too, increasing your chances of a win. The progressive slot game can be easily played at online casinos, and the mythical God theme is appealing!

3. African Legends

Another slot game that's incredibly popular and well played is African Legends! There are free play options to get you familiar with the game, or you can play for real money from the get-go. It’s a newly released game, only debuting in October 2020, and has since become wildly popular! It can be played with ease on your phone, too, so you never have to be without it!

4. Divine Fortune

The wins might not be as frequent on Divine Fortune as other casino games, but that does not take away from its popularity! This is another of the most played jackpot casino games on the market, packed full of free spin features and high prizes. The game is set in an ancient temple, with a fantastic soundtrack transporting you back to Ancient Greece. Be sure to soak in all the features the game has to offer and play it for free today.

5. Cash Splash

Cash splash has been around since 2005 and has been popular ever since its launch! The progressive slot game features five reels and 15 paylines that can be played on your phone or PC! It's available in lots of casinos, and with no additional features, you can get into playing without needing to familiarize yourself too much with the rules (it is best to check them, though, just in case).

There’s a decent payout with this game too, and as it's so easy to use, you will be enjoying yourself in no time at all! If you do enjoy free spins and other features, though, it's best to opt for a different game.

6. Jackpot Giant

With the chance to win millions, there’s no reason not to play Jackpot Giant! It’s another popular game that does well in the ratings and is popular with its users. The progressive slot game can be played across all devices and has nifty features, allowing you to collect cash prizes! With the Giant Jackpot holding the potential to make you a millionaire, it's no wonder so many people play Jackpot Giant. Give it a go today!

7. Arabian Nights

Completing our list today is Arabian Nights. It might not have fancy graphics like the others listed, but that hasn’t stopped it from being incredibly popular and well played. To win big, you will need to go to the max and hit five prince symbols to win.

There’s also the chance to win free bonus spins too, increasing your chances of winning and getting some money. The game is still fun to play despite the lack of graphics; if you enjoy slot games, you are sure to enjoy Arabian Nights.


And just like that, we have come to the end of our post today! As you can see, these jackpot casino games are the most played and incredibly popular, with high jackpot prizes to be gained! They are fun, with unique spins on slot games, so you are sure to find one that appeals to you.

Remember only to play these games on registered and certified sites and not gamble more than you can afford.

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