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Cannabis Brand Ghost Drops Creates New NFT Marketplace to Honor the History and Development of Cannabis

The popular cannabis brand Ghost Drops has unveiled plans for an exciting new NFT platform entitled Crypto Drops, firmly cementing the brand's status as a leader in the so-called "digital revolution" of the cannabis industry.

The Crypto Drops platform will feature a series of NFTs focusing on Ghost Drops' distinctive legacy strain artworks. These artworks are unfortunately not compatible with standard advertising rules and regulations in the real-world market due to their content. So they cannot be used for regular ads and packaging purposes but can be shared, distributed, and sold at auction on the new Crypto Drops platform.

All of the original Ghost Drops art will be available in NFT form, giving both long-standing and new fans of the brand to get their hands on a digital piece of cannabis legacy.

It is hoped that the new platform will also encourage and enable other cannabis enthusiasts and producers to create and sell NFTs of their own products and creations at auction.

The Gamification of the Cannabis World

The cannabis industry has always had a game-like, competitive aspect to it, with individuals and companies all competing against one another to develop the most exciting strains and attract the most attention. This goes back throughout history and has played a big part in the evolution of the cannabis industry as we know it. But, as time has gone by and technology has improved, the industry has grown increasingly complicated.

The more established and experienced brands, such as Ghost Drops - which has been working with famed scientists and researchers for several years now - tend to have an advantage over the newer brands out there, but the reality is that anyone can create something special and make their mark on the cannabis industry.

There's nothing stopping an independent cultivator from creating an incredible new strain purely with a little luck and a lot of hard work. And so, if anyone can truly succeed in this industry, it surely makes sense to "gamify" the experience and offer creators a chance at big rewards for their efforts. That's where the Cypto Drops platform comes into play.

Gene Bernaudo, CEO of Ghost Drops, acknowledges that his brand has been a "cultural icon" in the Canadian cannabis industry and is clearly excited at the idea of launching Crypto Drops, explaining that the platform will "revolutionize banking, NFTs, and crypto". He hopes that the new platform will appeal to a broad audience, including everyone from "cannabis connoisseurs" to "gamers", and he's eager for everyone to get their first look at the platform upon launch.

The Crypto Drops marketplace will essentially be an entirely virtual and fully decentralized economy, focused 100% on cannabis growth and use. Members of the marketplace will be able to gamify the whole process of growing marijuana, forging their own, unique, digital strains and owning all the rights to those strains too.

Crypto Drops and QNTMPAY: A Transformative Match for the Industry

Ghost Drops is teaming up with QNTMPAY to push the Crypto Drops platform forward. QNRMPAY integration is a big boost for the platform, as it means that users won't have to have cyptocurrency accounts set up in order to buy NFTs. Instead, they can use a range of standard payment methods, including debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, and so on. This will make it a lot easier for people to get going on the platform right away, without any inconveniences for those who aren't already invested in crypto.

Both Ghost Drops and QNTMPAY are really excited to start working together. Adam Pearsall, the founder of QNTMPAY, has stated that Crypto Drops is about to "transform the cannabis space", adding that "QNTMPAY is excited to be a part of this venture". Bernaudo agreed, saying that the new platform represents the "digital future of cannabis".

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