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The Best Tools That You Must Have For Easy House Cleaning

Whether you are a professional cleaner in Toronto looking to upgrade your toolkit, or a tenant planning to give your new lodging a proper clean-up, you definitely need a guide on what to buy first. With the wealth of cleaning products, tools, and add-ons on the market, it is easy to get lost and buy a few identical products or miss the essential cleaning tool (like a good old mop).

To facilitate the task a bit, we’ve consulted a team of expert cleaners and compiled the list of items that are must-have for making any dwelling spick-and-span clean. One more essential tip? If you live in Canada, entrust this cumbersome task to professionals like the team of and return happily to your apartment that looks shiny and brand-new. These pros won’t leave a single piece of dust or a nasty germ in your living quarters and will do the job for a very reasonable price.

But still, what to buy if you plan to maintain high standards of cleanliness on your own?

A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with a set of nozzles and brushes

Cute and funny Roomba may look nice on Instagram, but to clean the house properly you need a serious beast-like apparatus with an array of brushes and attachments. This device will work on floors, furniture, carpets, walls, and even the ceiling. Change the brushes and it will easily polish the vintage wooden floors or remove stubborn fur from your treasured sofa. Dyson or a small-company brainchild, a good vacuum is your trusted friend in battling the mess.

A bucket and a good mop

No kitchen is complete without these old-school ‘gadgets.’ Mopping some spill or cleaning up a ketchup spot from the floor is a breeze with a good mop and fitting bucket (or other water containers). Pick a simple mop or an easy-wring mop and pail, or even a cool contraption with a built-in water tank and steam options. In any case, your floors will appreciate quick mopping now and then.

Broom and dustpan

The key tip is to buy the set with handles long enough for you to stand upright while sweeping. The idea of bending forward and hunching to sweep a big room will scare away even the biggest fan of cleaning and order.


They are your loyal friends in removing the dust from all possible surfaces. Ceiling, furniture, your treasured collection of porcelain dolls – suitable dusters will do the job. Pick a set of tools with handles of different lengths. There is even a three-section duster for cleaning the window blinds, three slats at a time.

Rubber gloves (a few pairs)

Yes, protecting your hand from aggressive detergents is as important as cleaning under the bed. Work in gloves when using cleaning products and change the pairs when you move from bathroom to kitchen on your cleaning mission. In such a way, you’ll ensure that no germs or dirt migrate on your gloves to clean spaces.


They are indispensable in dealing with stubborn spots or dirt stuck in narrow joints between tiles. Get the brushes of different stiffness and density, from softer to the coarsest ones, to tackle all kinds of grime and spots on sturdy and delicate surfaces.


The funny name belongs to a powerful enemy of dirty windows and other glass surfaces. Metallic blades covered with high-quality rubber do not give a single chance to streaks and spots of limescale. If you see that your Squeegee leaves uncleaned strips of glass, it’s time to replace it.

Sponges of different kinds

Nothing works like a good sponge. Stick to classic ones or try the silicone ones – the choice is yours. Just be sure to clean them properly after use and replace them as necessary.

The list of the best tools for cleaning is not that long, but once you’ve equipped yourself properly, the cleaning stops being such a dread. So, maintain a shiny spot-free apartment without extra effort!

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