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5 Things That Will Instantly Raise The Value of Your Used Car

Are you considering upgrading your car, but having a hard time getting the offers you want for your used car?

A car’s value starts to depreciate the moment it is driven off the lot. Every passing year, each mile, dent and or scratch decreases its value. The only way to ensure you get a decent return on it is if you maintain it well.

Trying to sell an old, dirty, rusty car won’t get you many good offers, if any at all. The few you’ll get would likely lowball to the point that it would be better if you just scrapped the car for cash using a scrap car removal company. But don’t worry, we have the rundown on things you can do to increase the value of your old car before you sell it.

So, as long as your car runs and you follow our tips, you should be able to get a decent offer for it.

Make little fixes

Look for little things you can fix, without having to spend too much. Things like windshield repair, removing minor and big scratches from the windshield, or replacing burned-out headlights. Most people do not know but their windshield repair is usually covered by their insurance deductible. Also Stone chip repair does a very good job of hiding Stone chips and is the affordable solution for old vehicles we're doing a complete windshield replacement is usually not worth it. There are likely tons of little fixes you can do to improve the outlook of the car so it appeals to buyers. You won’t get fair offers on a car with the chrome badge popping off the grill or broken tail lights.

Assess the little fixes that need to be made and spend wisely on them. Don’t go off spending thousands of dollars on them because that would be counterproductive. Fix only things that are a must such as scratches on the windshield, burnt-out head and tail lights, dislodged bumpers, and other elements that are aesthetically important to the car.

Get it detailed

Invest in professional car detailing services in Calgary to ensure your vehicle looks its best. Car detail Calgary involves thorough cleaning, both inside and out, which can eliminate dirt, stains, and odors, significantly improving its overall visual appeal.

A car wash is not enough when it comes to raising the value of your used car. You need to make sure that the car is cleaned thoroughly, inside and out. The only way to do that is to get it professionally detailed.

Detailing consists of a thorough interior and exterior wash. Every aspect of the car is washed and many detailers even apply paint protectant on the exterior and surface protectant on the interior. Car detailing essentially restores your car back to its original condition. The only thing it doesn’t do is get rid of deep scratches and dents.

Spending between $70 - $125 on detailing can add a few hundred dollars to your car’s value. It is definitely worth it.

Fix the dents and get rid of scratches

We wouldn’t recommend you get serious bodywork done. However, if you have minor dents and scratches, you can get a lot more for your car by getting them fixed.

Minor scratches can be polished out and dents removed. You will likely have to spend a few hundred dollars, but fixing both issues will change the outlook of your car. Which will garner more interest from buyers.

Take care of the warning lights

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The warning lights on the car’s dashboard are there for a reason. Be it the ‘check engine’ or ‘engine oil’ light, if it lights up when buyers come to see the car, you can expect low ball offers.

Unless you have a busted engine, these lights are just warning signs which require basic work such as changing the engine oil or topping off the windshield washer with water. Save yourself some time and avoid low ball offers by taking care of any warning lights that are lit on your car’s dashboard.

Fill up the tyres

Deflated tyres make it seem like your car hasn’t been driven for months. Any issue with tyres will prompt buyers to reduce their bids. After all, tyres are expensive and buyers will use the excuse of having to replace them when making a low offer.

You need to check for punctures and have them fixed. Then, top the tyres off to 30 psi. This way the tyres will stay inflated.

Final thought

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a used car to increase its value. You can instead spend a few hundred on little fixes, car detailing, getting rid of scratches, dents, and other minor issues. These fixes can increase the value from $1,000 - $2,000 of your car, depending on how well it runs. So, think of the expenses associated with the fixes as an investment with returns.

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